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Tensile Fabric Structures

Tensile Fabric Structures

We have been designing, manufacturing and installing quality tensile fabric structures, canopies, commercial awnings, pavilions, verandas, walkways, sail shades, car park coverings, building interiors and other such forms of fabric architecture across Europe for over 15-years.

Enhancing building design and business structures whilst creating truly modern architecture. Specialising in the retail, hospitality, commercial and domestic sectors, we have gained a reputation for providing cost efficient, innovative and architecturally stimulating solutions.

Whether working closely with commercial architects or individually with our clients, we push the boundaries of design and engineering to produce truly memorable, functional structures.

Tensile Fabric Structure Pictures

Tensile fabric structures make iconic and functional design statements that can be used to enhance countless environments; such as a hotel frontage or shopping centres walkway, a restaurants entrance or simply to improve the functionality and aesthetics of a landscape design or garden design. This list of applications is practically inexhaustible.

Tensile fabric engineering can also be used as a relatively inexpensive option to exploit additional space and increase the serviceable footprint of a building or business.

Airsculpt are now one of the leading companies in the UK when it comes to tensile fabric structures. Our very own in house design team use their knowledge of CAD, combined with excellent design skills to bring your architects designs to life.