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Tensile Frame Systems

Tensile Frame Systems

The design and engineering of a tensile frame system is a crucial stage in the development of a tensile membrane architecture. Depending upon application and requirements, we are able work with a wide variety of construction methods and materials to provide our clients with fully engineered and approved tensile frame systems. With access to the most current 3D Auto CAD engineering software, and with the assistance of our structural engineers input, our designers and architectural draughtsmen are able to develop highly detailed shop drawings for the manufacture of stunning tensile architecture.

Additionally, the connection points and finer fixing details of a fabric membrane structure also play an integral role in the development and design of tensile frame systems. With an in-depth knowledge of structural loadings, engineering, construction and installation, our design team are able to develop tensioned membrane frame systems that aid with the ease of installation whilst ensuring all budgetary restraints are met.


RAL coloured Galvanised Steels and Aluminium are the most common form of tensile frame constructions; however, hardwood frames such as oak can and have been used to provide a more natural and organic architectural feel in areas where conservation heritage architecture is required. Contact us to discuss your project and we will happily advise you what materials and possible specification  can be used.