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Chin liposuction, formally known as submental liposuction in the cosmetic surgery field, consists of removing fat from your chin, neck, and jowls, resulting in a more chiseled jawline.

Most patients resort to chin liposuction when diet and exercise are unable to burn the pockets of fat in the facial area. That's why it's common to see many fit people with a double chin.  

A cannula, a thin tube, is used to suction the excess fat from this area. Nonetheless, for traditional submental liposuction, the cannula is quite thick and requires a manual application for fat extraction. It's comparable to cheese-grating fat from the body.

The Risks of Chin Lipo

Liposuction is generally viewed to be a safe procedure of low risk. Most patients can head directly back to their homes on the day of treatment. 

However, like all surgeries, liposuction runs certain risks. Traditional procedures can make your skin dimpled, textured, or even. There are also risks of numbness, nerve damage, and asymmetrical results. 

Is There A Way to Get Chin Lipo Without the Risks?

Yes, there is. Elite Body Sculpture's Chin AirSculpt® can offer you even better results than traditional liposuction, without any of its risks as well. Given that the Chin AirSculpt® is a fat removal procedure that doesn't require the use of a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia, the process is minimally invasive. The minimally invasive nature of the Chin AirSculpt® results in virtually no risks or complications post-procedure.

Precision Technology: The AirSculpt® Cannula

One of the key components within the fat removal process is Elite Body Sculpture's patented AirSculpt® technology. The AirSculpt® cannula results in fat extraction that is so seamless since it's designed to rotate in such a premise manner for it to pluck fat cell by cell.

Given that the Chin AirSculpt® uses localized anesthetic, the physician can take advantage of the full mobility of your face and neck alongside the patented cannula to guarantee a perfectly sculpted based on your liking.

Unmatched Recovery Time

As we've mentioned before, Chin AirSculpt® doesn't require the use of a scalpel. That's because a perfectly symmetrical two millimeter-wide opening is made with a biopsy punch for the cannula to be later inserted. 

The opening is naturally left to heal, leaving only a freckle sized scar, meaning that stitches aren't required. That being said, you're able to return to your daily routine the day after the procedure, given that the downtime for the Chin AirSculpt® is little to none.

Denver's Best Chin Fat Removal

Elite Body Sculpture offers the best chin fat removal for two main reasons: 

  1. AirSculpt®'s patented technology.
  2. A staff that understands what you need.

At Elite Body Sculpture Denver, we not only focus on sculpting your jaw into its perfect state, but also on sculpting your confidence into its ideal state. 


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