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Fat Removal

Arm AirSculpt® Atlanta

Atlanta’s Top Arm Fat Surgery: Skip the Invasive Arm Liposuction

Atlanta’s Top Arm Fat Surgery: Skip the Invasive Arm Liposuction

Ideal Candidates For Arm Fat Surgery

Unless you're living in Gotham, batwings aren't something you want. We're talking about the dropping pocket of fat hanging from your armpits, the reason you haven't worn a no-sleeve shirt in about four years.

Arm fat surgery is ideal for addressing this pressing concern. It's important to note that some of these procedures only treat the upper arm; therefore, forearms are sometimes not treated.

What's The Common Procedure To Remove Arm Fat?

It's usually treated with tumescent anesthesia liposuction. Small incisions punctures are made on the skin to introduce the anesthetic, while you'll also take prior medications to sedate your body. 

The incisions vary in size, depending on the treatment area, and will usually disappear after around 6 to 12 months. A cannula, a suctioning rod used within liposuction, will be used to extract the fat from the arm.

Following arm liposuction, your arms will swell for two to three weeks. If a large amount of fat is removed, the time may be more extensive. Results will be noticeable after two to three months, and final results come after the 3-month mark. 

Risks Associated To Arm Fat Surgery

Just as it is with all operative procedures, you'll be prone to the risk of infection. After surgery, you'll feel slight pain and will have minimal scarring under the arms. 

If the surgery is not performed with thorough attention to detail, asymmetrical results may occur. Therefore its always recommended that you incur upon the credentials and expertise of your surgeon before undergoing any procedure.

A Very Important Factor That You Should Consider

The market for cosmetic procedures is continuously evolving. Regardless of the popularity of treatments such as arm liposuction, they still are prone to risks and complications.

Yet, thanks to recent technological developments, we no longer have to make changes to our bodies while possibly having a botched procedure.

One of these cosmetic houses that have changed the game for cosmetic procedures is Elite Body Sculpture, which has locations throughout most of North America, and lucky for you, right in Atlanta too.

Arm AirSculpt®: A Risk-Free Sculpting Procedure

Elite Body Sculpture's purpose for developing AirSculpt® technology rests on offering an alternative to patients who want to change their bodies without the hassle or risks associated with liposuction. 

It isn't too good to be true; it's all proven by its stat-of-the-art developments in technology. You're able to remove fat from your body without a scalpel, needle, general anesthesia, or stitches.

That means, no apparent scarring, an extremely reduced risk of infection, immediate results, and a recovery time of about 48 hours. That's the power of the Arm AirSculpt®.

The patented AirSculpt® cannula enables more accurate sculpting and gentle fat removal. It's a process designed to make fat removal as easy as plucking berries off a bush. Aside from fat extraction, it simultaneously tightens your skin! 

Atlanta Deserves The Best

If you're interested in creating changes to your body that will have your confidence soaring, go to Elite Body Sculpture Atlanta to begin your first consultation. 


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