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Looking to Lose Knee Fat? Here's What You Need to Know and Do

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Several factors can affect the appearance of the knees. Extra weight, sagging skin due to weight loss, or even aging can affect the appearance of the knee. While few specific techniques can target knee fat (with a notable exception), there are ways that you can lose fat throughout your whole body to improve the muscle tone of your legs and knees.

1. Lose Weight Overall

Losing weight is one of the crucial steps to ensure that your legs become more shapely and also prevent knee pain. This process includes a combination of cardiovascular and strength-training exercise and eating a healthy diet.

Do not misinterpret the concept of a diet. Dieting doesn't mean eating less food and having to suffer by eating foods that you don't like. The fundamental principle that one should follow when dieting is eating at a caloric deficit. 

A caloric deficit is when you consume fewer calories than needed to maintain your current weight. Most people follow the general rule is eating 500 fewer calories per day, which would equate o losing a pound of fat over one week. While cutting back on calories is a must, you can also do cardio to assist with burning them and setting you on the right track for your calorie deficit. It is also essential to gauge the baseline level of calories your body needs per day before setting a goal.

2. Increasing Step Count

Both running and jogging are ideal options for burning calories. They also work the legs much more than just walking, strengthening the front of your knees.

According to a study on running and losing weight, short bursts of running were more effective than long-distance races for fat burning. Nevertheless, even if you only walk daily, increasing the number of steps you take is a surefire way to see progress.

3. Riding a Bike

Bike-riding is considered one of the best fat knee exercises that are also good for developing a healthy heart and endurance. The emphasis on your legs as well provides excellent toning effects.

There are two ways that you can ride a bike to maximize benefits: interval or long-distance training. The type of bike that you use is entirely up to you! Ride a bicycle outdoors or a stationary bike at your gym.

4 Jumping Rope

Rope jumping is a very effective high-calorie burner that can put your heart into shape. The most important aspect of jumping rope is the technique, not speed. Make sure you jump with your knees slightly bent to prevent spraining or injuries.

5 Get Knee AirSculpt®

Elite Body Sculpture provides patients in Sacramento with a quicker alternative than inner knee fat removal exercises. Knee AirSculpt® is a minimally invasive fat removal procedure that doesn't use a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia to provide safe and comfortable results. 

Compared with traditional knee lipo, our technology's power-automated nature enables surgeons to contour an area like the knees with unmatched precision.

To learn more about AirSculpt, call our Sacramento office to schedule your first consultation. 


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