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Sacramento AirSculpt® Fat Transfers

Top 3 Reasons That AirSculpt® Fat Transfer in Sacramento Beats All Other Options

Butt before and after fat transfer

Sacramento, California: one of America's most charming cities, made (in)famous during the renowned Gold Rush era where people sought better lives and made the trek west. 

Nowadays, making a life upgrade has less to do with mining gold and currently has more to do with looking our best and improving our appearance. For many women, premium body contouring has become the new Gold Rush. Feeling your best is priceless, and sculpting one's body to their desired shape should be made easy for everyone.

Various health clinics within Sacramento offer fat removal procedures, but none can match the quality and comfort that Elite Body Sculpture's AirSculpt® technique has to offer. Read on to understand the top three reasons as to why AirSculpt® Fat Transfer procedures in Sacramento beat all other options.

AirSculpt® Technology is Incredibly Precise

Elite Body Sculpture developed patented AirSculpt® technology under the premise of prioritizing the patient's comfort. AirSculpt® fat removal is minimally invasive, meaning that it is void of risks and complications found within traditional fat grafting processes. 

An AirSculpt® procedure does not require the use of a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia. Grating fat at Elite Body Sculpture consists of the following steps:

The surgeon administers numbing medication through an AirPen, a squirt gun-like device that uses pressurized air to numb the skin.

  1. The physician then creates a perfectly symmetrical two millimeter-wide hole with a biopsy punch.
  2. Next, localized numbing fluid is inserted, and then the fat is prepared for extraction while the skin in the treated area is made tighter.
  3. The patented AirSculpt® cannula is inserted, plucking fat cells from the treated area one by one in an automated, yet delicate manner.
  4. The minuscule hole is then naturally left to heal, leaving only a freckle-sized scar post-procedure.

Use a local anesthetic during AirSculpt® means that 360-degree, balanced results can be obtained more easily. Because the patient remains awake, surgeons can maneuver their bodies during the procedure, ensuring more accurate fat extraction and precise results. 

The Quality of Fat Transferred With AirSculpt®

Only high-quality fat with an enhanced survival likelihood is removed during AirSculpt® thanks to the precise nature of our technology. The patented AirSculpt® cannula's delicate plucking motion is designed to preserve the quality of the fat cells more than any other fat removal procedure. 

Therefore, if you're interested in removing fat and transferring it to other parts of your body, Elite Body Sculpture ensures that whatever fat is transferred to other areas is of pristine quality, minimizing any potential risks in the process. 

Minimal Downtime With AirSculpt®

Another critical feature of AirSculpt® Fat Transfers procedure is the minimal downtime, comparable to noninvasive fat removal techniques.

You can return back to your daily routine just three days after undergoing an AirSculpt® Fat Transfer. All you are required to do is wear a compression garment for around two weeks while avoiding heavy exercise.

Other health clinics offer fat removal procedures that require months for optimal results to appear. With AirSculpt®, dramatic results appear in as little as 48 hours because we only graft the most viable fat and place it with perfect symmetry. 

Sacramento, You Know What's Best

At Elite Body Sculpture Sacramento, we do not only focus on sculpting your body into its desired shape, but we also focus on improving your confidence.


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