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What is Chin Implant Revision and What Are My Seattle Options?

Chin Implant Revision

The most common reason a patient decides to revise a previous chin implant is that they're not fond of the size or shape that the implant has given them.

Modern chin implants have many shapes and sizes with various designs, offering patients oval, rounded, or boxy chins to choose from. Another reason patients undergo chin revision surgery is due to the implant's improper placement. In some cases, the implant moves out of place after the surgery.

Shifted implants can be placed over the bone, making the lower chin and lipo disproportionate to the rest of the area.

Other but less common cases are if the patients decide that they no longer want the chin implant, even if they were successful. In these cases, the chin implant is removed through the same incision it was placed to then be closed.

If the implant that's been removed was of considerable size, the lower jaw bone might suffer remodeling, or the skin in the area becomes overstretched and loose.

Candidates For A Chin Implant Revision 

Optimal candidates for a chin implant revision are patients that are unsatisfied with previous surgery results. Chin implants can be a stand-alone procedure, but some opt to combine them with other cosmetic procedures.

Patients must understand that recovery and healing times tend to vary and must be willing to comply with their surgeon's recommendations for optimal results.

The Best Chin Implant Revision In Seattle

The best chin implant revision can be found at Elite Body Sculpture Seattle's office. Elite Body Sculpture is the pioneer of AirSculpt® technology, developed under the premise that no procedure should have you second-guessing or doubting. 

Given the precise nature of AirSculpt® technology, it is, without a doubt, the safest on the market and is capable of offering outstanding results. That's because the majority of AirSculpt® procedures do not use a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia.

The AirSculpt® Injection Correction

While we specialize in fat removal, we're no stranger to correcting mistakes from poorly executed injection procedures to the chin.

The AirSculpt® Injection Correction is the best way to give you the sculpt chin that you've always wanted. 

Our treatment is as quick as can, only lasting a total of 20 minutes, and can sculpt away any unwanted irregularities or asymmetries from previous implant surgeries. The one caveat is that patients should have the implant already removed before coming in for additional refining.

The patented AirSculpt® cannula used in our revision procedures can pluck fat from the chin as easy as plucking grapes off a vine. Therefore, stay away from abrasive and traditional alternatives.

Get ready to happily keep your head up high at Elite Body Sculpture Seattle. Call us to get started with your first consultation!


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