Arm Liposuction

Arms are one of those areas that are very resistant to dieting and long hours at the gym. It seems that once you have fat there its very hard to get rid of.

We love doing arms because it makes such tremendous improvement. Next to the chin, they heal the fastest of all body areas and often times, our patients are wearing a tank top for the first time in about two weeks! We do arms for thin women who want “Angelina Jolie Arms” all the way to heavier women who are tired of shoulder pain and lugging all those extra pounds around.

With a traditional Arm Lift procedure, a large portion of loose skin under the arm is surgically removed using a scalpel and other surgical instruments. This incision usually extended from under the armpit to the elbow and left a visible scar under the arm. Once the incision has been made, a traditional liposuction procedure may be used to remove excess fat. The remaining portions of skin are then stitched back together using either traditional or dissolvable sutures.

In contrast, our Minimally Invasive Arm Lipo procedure uses our patented AirSculpt® technology to remove the excess fat often found under the arms and often caused by major weight gain or aging. This procedure requires only local anesthesia to remove several inches of loose skin. The patented AirSculpt® technology simultaneously dissolves excess fat and tightens the skin under the arms and, unlike a traditional Arm Lift, requires No Needles, No Scalpel and No Stitches.

Factors that affect the success of procedure


Many patients believe that they may be “too old” to undergo AirSculpt®. At Elite Body Sculpture, we feel that you are never too old to get the body you want. For aging patients, or those with complex medical histories, our office coordinates with your Primary Care Physician to ensure you are healthy enough to undergo this procedure. However, because our patented AirSculpt® procedure does not use general anesthesia, many of the risks associated with traditional liposuction are avoided.

History of weight gain

AirSculpt can be a great “Turbo Boost” to help get you back to your original bodyweight after weight gain. It is also a great head start for a new lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating. We advise that you do not lose weight for your procedure. We want to sculpt you as you are without trying to lose weight first.

Sex of patient

Typically, women have fat that is softer and less fibrous than male patients. Because of this, it was often more difficult to operate one male patients. However, with the AirSculpt® procedure, we use a patented system that melts the more fibrous fat before it is removed. This approach ensures that both female and male patients achieve the best possible results with minimal downtime.


How much does the procedure cost?

Prices for each procedure will vary depending on body size and the area being treated. It is best to contact our offices and speak with one our Patient Care Coordinators to book your free consultation.

How long does it take to recover?

Because AirSculpt® uses No Needles, No Scalpel and No Stitches™, the recovery is much quicker than with traditional liposuction. In fact, most of our patients are back to their normal activities in 24-48 hours. After the procedure, there may be some minor swelling (which is normal). A compression garment is worn under the clothes for about 14 days to ensure optimal results.

Why do I have to wear compression garments after the procedure?

Compression garments are used to control any swelling after the procedure and help patients heal faster.

What compression garments should I wear after the procedure?

After your procedure, you will be provided with a compression garment. These garments are specifically designed just for your procedure.

How long do I have to wear the compression garments after procedure?

A compression garment is worn under the clothes for about 14 days to ensure optimal results.

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