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February 22, 2016

Latest Project with Interactive Membranes

Our most recent project, in which we fabricated interactive membrane structural installations to advertise a new offer from one of the world’s leading international brands was completed this week. The time scales to achieve the brief on this project were particularly challenging and when presented with what we had to do in the time we had to do it, we knew this was going to incredibly hard work. However, the sense of achievement amongst the team was palpable after we completed this project.
Airsculpt always takes a sense of pride in the projects they work on and are involved in. This project presented especially tough challenges – which simply encouraged us to find innovative solutions in incredibly tight timescales. The teams and subcontractors that we used were all fantastic, and their hard work and professionalism are a testament to their businesses – we’re proud of the working relationships we’ve built up with these fabricators, and look forward to continuing working with them on many projects to come.

From this, it just shows how important supplier/contractor relationships are in getting a job done well. We pride ourselves on our people skills, and achieving these fantastic builds, whilst maintaining relationships – which can sometimes be hard under such pressure. Maintaining these relationships takes work, and we’re proud to have built up a team that we can trust with designing and project managing, but also managing people to achieve the best work in the best time scale. I am so proud of my team and how we’ve worked together to create this fantastic body of work – and really feel that is another reason that Airsculpt is so successful in its projects.

The timelines, pressures and tight turn around needed meant every single supplier and fabricator have pushed its limits on this project, and without the dedication of my team, the project wouldn’t have been achieved. With interactive media and specifically interactive media membranes giving brands and marketers unparalleled access to the market like never before Airsculpt are one of the very few companies who have detailed knowledge of the design, engineering, and installation process – making us one the leading installations in this field. Our interactive membrane skill sets include not only media structures and signage but also fabric wrap buildings, stadium facades etc.

Once again we have proved to be the best bet – in terms of our unique finical backing, the team that we surround ourselves with, and our professional and reliable subcontractors, who understand the pressure to get the works completed and are flexible in order to meet these needs, with the urgency they need to be met.

So with this most recent project launch proudly under our belt, we look forward to continuing to work with other companies in this exciting and high-pressure environment, because we have employed a staff that is motivated by pressure rather than fearing it. In the future, we are looking forward to building more promotional events with this type of innovative interactive membrane technology, and working with more skilled designers to create these visions. It is fantastic to be part of such an evolving industry and we work hard to be at the forefront of this industry. Our knowledge of tensile membranes is second to none and can’t wait to use our invaluable expertise on more similar projects.

What has really been noted throughout this build is the part that passion plays in this industry. When creating iconic pieces of work, every single person on each rung of the ladder needs to have the passion for what they are creating. With our fabricators, in-house team and designers, we have found this, and this is why Airsculpt are the best choice.
Over the forthcoming weeks, we will be able to reveal who this prestigious client was and give a more in-depth view of the project.

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