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January 11, 2016

Tensile Architecture in 2016

Tensile Architecture in 2016 – With stadiums no longer an eyesore and instead becoming a symbol of civic and national pride, we’re proud to be at the epicenter of the industry that creates these epic buildings.  Working with our American branch and partner Ceno-tech, we’ll be building and advising on some of the biggest Stadium projects being realised in 2016 and further.  Our in depth knowledge of these structures and our world-wide recognised core of excellence has allowed us to be a crucial cog in these prestigious projects.  We’ll also be continuing our extensive work on interactive stadium facades, continuing to be at the forefront of knowledge in this field, and helping clients around the world realise their stadium’s full potential both in architectural presence, profitability and revenue.

Although we aren’t able to share the details yet, next year we’ll be heading to the Far East, to work on a large scale project.  This project will be headed by Frank Motler who is now part of the Airsculpt group.  Frank is one of the foremost minds on tensile architecture, having successfully landed and realised projects including The Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, The Olympic Stadium in Kiev, The National Stadium in Warsaw (EC 2012), The Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town and The Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg (WC 2010).  With these phenomenal achievements under his belt, Frank and Damon Farrell – Airsculpt’s innovative founder – the project in Asia is sure to be one of our finest works.  Details coming soon!


Airsculpts New Fabric Structures.

Airsculpt is excited to see in the New Year with an explosion of other new fabric structure projects and corporation expansion.  Currently Airsculpt is actively working on several high profile projects which we will be able to release to the press within the coming months.  Structures that we will be working on in 2016/7 are not only ionic structures and venues, but will also show the innovative approach of how we merge interactive elements resulting in what is now known as interactive architecture.

This year will see Airsculpt expand rapidly, taking on extra designers and project managers to aid with operational growth.  This core of excellence enables us to adapt our operation to fit project size. Giving us the unique flexibility to structure the team size around our clients and thus control of the associated operational budgets.  The result being the smoothest transition from design concept to project realisation – on time, and on budget.

The Tensile Architectural Industry

As Airsculpt’s founding members come from a business background, the company was structured in such a way that we can cope with the industries fluctuation and financial restrictions, ensuring that each project is independently financially backed, providing our customers with full reassurance.   Unfortunately this is not the case for all companies, and as 2015 ends we bid farewell to one the UK’s longest established tensile architectural firms, who went into liquidation just before Christmas.  We welcome in 2016 with a raft of projects which are set to see Airsculpt solidify its position within the upper echelons of the tensile fabric structures industry.

Our industry tact is different and with our business alliance with Ceno-tech firmly in place, we are able to take on large projects without the fear of financial failure.  With this business know how in mind, Airsculpt are looking forward to the new year with excitement.  We are able to take on new projects without fear of lack of funding, and therefore can focus on delivering the design our clients have always dreamed of, within budget and on time.  With our business structure firmly in place, in the New Year, Airsculpt with be focusing on growing and solidifying our Core of Excellence.  With a team built around this concept, Airsculpt had the capabilities to realise our client’s greatest architectural ambitions.