Power BBL

At Elite Body Sculpture, we specialize in body sculpting and fat transfer procedures. In a fat transfer procedure, unwanted fat is extracted from specific areas of the body (midsection, love handles, thighs, etc.) and this fat is then transferred to another area of the body (buttocks and breasts primarily). PowerBBL takes fat transfer procedures to a new level. With a PowerBBL procedure, the doctor directly transfers a patient’s own fat, collected in a container, straight into the buttocks or breasts in what’s known as a ‘closed loop system’. This means that the fat cells never leave the closed system.

Watch a live PowerBBL procedure below:


Our fat removal process, using the patented AirSculpt® technique, is extremely gentle in nature. What this means is that patients do not need to go under general anesthesia and fat cells are carefully preserved during the removal process. This makes it possible for us to take this healthy fat and transfer it to another part of the body. We are committed to providing the most up-to-date fat transfer technology.

We believe this technique has many advantages:

Health and quality of the fat cells

Less handling and processing of the fat means less potential for infection and greater survival of the fat cells.

Speed and efficiency

It’s also faster and more efficient than other fat transfer techniques. This means less operating room time for the patient and a more comfortable procedure experience.

Optimal aesthetic results

The power injection system allows the doctor to be more artistic because he or she doesn’t have to worry about pushing syringes, instead they can just focus solely on sculpting the perfect buttocks or pair of breasts.

As with all our body sculpting procedures, no needle, no scalpel and no stitches are used, and no general anesthesia is required.

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