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ETFE Roof Structures Foil Roofs Membrane Arena Roofing

ETFE Roof Structures Foil Roofs Membrane Arena Roofing

Airsculpt is at the forefront of ETFE Roofs and Structures and has exceptional in-house capabilities to help further advance and assist our clients with the development of ETFE projects on a global basis. With specialist designers and engineers whom have large scale international EFTE projects under their belt, we are proudly able to boast about our specialism in this revolutionary architectural membrane solution.

What is ETFE?

Ethylene Tetra Flouro Ethylene (ETFE) is a modified copolymer formulated to create a foil or film with truly amazing tensile architectural properties, when used in designing ETFE Roofs & Structures.

Capable of being designed and installed in a single layer membrane, with the use of supporting cables, or in a configuration of up to five or six pneumatic cushions layer formations, ETFE foils and films offer flexibility and versatility which has never been seen in architecture before.

Originally developed almost 40-years ago by DuPont as an insulation material to be used within the aeronautical industry and as a replacement for Polyethylene covers within the agricultural and botanical gardens sectors, like most building materials, ETFE started its life in completely different sector.

ETEF Structures & Arena Roofing

It was back in the 1980’s when the material was first formed into a membrane fabric and then used in its first small scale architectural insulation. Since then, ETFE membrane fabrics have transformed the world of transparent roofing and facade systems around the world. However, it was only until the Allianz Arena, which was commissioned for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, did the world truly see how this unique and uncompromising material could be used in every day architecture. Although the Eden Project was the first large scale installation to maximise the benefits of this product, the Allianz Arena used ETFE cushions in a design principle which changed the landscape. Prior to these two projects the most crucial architectural development for ETFE was back in 1990 with the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London were a new type of roofing system was installed. This was actually the first project which accepted ETFE as a conventional building material around the world.  Since then ETFE Structures & Arena Roofing systems have become common place as architects and engineers discover the benefits which only come from ETFE membrane architecture.

Benefits of ETFE Architecture

Self-Cleaning – ETFE roofing systems require no external cleaning as the material self-cleans itself with the natural action of rain water, providing operational savings in terms of maintenance costs.

Self-Contained Loadings – Self-loading design and engineering practices, commonly used within ETFE structural design, allows the development of lighter steelwork supporting structure, decreasing structural loads on the main buildings.

Increased Light Transmission – Due to the natural properties of ETFE membranes, up to 20 times more natural light can be permitted to enter the building below – Reducing the need for artificial lighting during day light hours.

Excellent Insulation Properties – With the ability to be installed as a single or multi-cushion layer formation, the fabrics thermal and insulation properties are greater than equivalent transparent or semi-transparent construction materials.

Long Life Expectancies – ETFE has one of the longest life expectancies of any tensile fabric material. With an operational performance of ‘in excess’ of 50-years, ETFE is proving to offer exceptional cost efficiency and durability over its anticipated life span.

Exceptional Environment Durability – With an extremely high melting point and chemical characteristics which make ETFE resistant to radiation, chemical and pollution attack, the membrane material can withstand everything which harsh inner-city environments can throw at it. This makes ETFE Membrane fabrics one of the most environmentally durable construction products available.

If you are looking at ETFE as construction material or wish find out more about our capabilities in the design, engineering and installation of ETFE membrane Architecture, please feel free to contact us.