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Manufacture & Fabrication

Manufacture & Fabrication

We have manufacture and fabrication facilities with access to dedicated UK and European textile fabrication facilities, boasting the latest pattern cutting tables, heat and sonic welding machines, together with specialised seamstresses we are able to fabricate using membrane materials such as PVC, ETFE, PTFE, Coated Glass Fibre Fabrics, Silicon Coated Glass Fibre Fabrics, Stretched Nylon Fabrics and many others.

Working with the latests Form Finding and Pattern Generation software we are also able to produce all necessary fabrication drawings ensuring our membrane fabrications comply the the structures tensile loading requirements.

Biaxial Testing

As part of the fabrication of an architectural membrane we are able to carry out biaxial stretch tests on fabrics to confirm the suitability and properties of the fabric under particular load requirements. This helps confirm the appropriate bonding aspects on a particular tensile project. Such testing is essential to alleviate potential tearing and seam ruptures during the operation of the tensile structures lifespan.  Primarily this is because different base fabrics respond differently under similar loadings. Some fabrics can stretch significantly – up to 30% before breaking, whilst other fabrics may only stretch as little as 2% before breaking.

Steel Frame Fabrication

Working along side and with specific steel fabricators with exceptional knowledge of the tensile architectural industry, enables us work with confidence and assurances that metalwork fabrications will be fully compliant to our structural engineering specifications. Additionally we insist that all steel fabrications are pre-assembled prior to shipment and delivery to site. This eradicates significantly site installation issues.

Over the years we have been able to solidify steelwork fabrication service agreements with companies whom we trust to deliver and fulfil a tensile project fabrication requirements.