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Diet, Exercise, And AirSculpt: 3 Ways to Lose Bra Bulge Fat

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Every fat-reducing method you've seen advertised has likely been presented as an alternative. If you're not satisfied with the way product reduces bra bulge, you'll be directed to try an "alternative" product.

Suppose you want to get rid of a back bra bulge effectively. In that case, we recommend that you undergo Upper Back AirSculpt® by Elite Body Sculpture. Most of our patients have already learned about the causes of their issues and committed to a diet and exercise plan but still have not seen results. Such cases make perfect candidates for permanent AirSculpt results.

Upper Back AirSculpt® isn't an alternative; it's a procedure that stands independently and shouldn't be seen as a substitute for hard work and effort but as a compliment to help reveal one's ideal body with a seamless treatment.

What Are Back Fat and Bra Bulge?

Rather than assuming the obvious, let's get a clear picture of the back itself. How often do we see our back if it isn't for a quick glimpse in the mirror?

While our back structure is familiar to most of us, what's also common is the finite amount of fat cells we all are born with.

While our genetics are not the cause of our fat but determinants of where our fat is distributed, there's much we can do to tackle back fat via exercise and diet.

Causes of Back Fat and Bra Bulge

What is the cause of back fat and bra bulge? Fat gain is often the result of a poor diet and little to no exercise combined with genetics. While that's obvious for most of you, you must understand that the back is a heavily underused or improperly stressed portion of your body.

Many of us who have desk jobs are no strangers to back pain after a long workday. When you add this lack of use and unhealthy eating habits, you will likely be a victim of excess back fat and a bra bulge.

How Can I Reduce Back Fat and Bra Bulge in Phoenix?

The answer to losing the dreaded bra bulge lies with Elite Body Sculpture, Phoenix's optimal body contouring option.

Our minimally invasive Upper Back AirSculpt® produces safe and comfortable results while ensuring the desired quality to contour an eye-catching aesthetic.

We don't use scalpels, stitches, needles, or general anesthesia, given that AirSculpt technology allows for the fat to be removed without depending on invasive surgical techniques.

Call our Pheonix office for your free consultation to get started working with us. 


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