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How To Get Rid of Underarm Fat? Considering AirSculpt® vs. Traditional Lipo

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People of varying shapes, genders, and ages can have extra fat deposits around their chests and armpits. Tight clothes can also push the skin up from the trunk, giving them the appearance of armpit fat.

Regardless of the cause, armpit fat is relatively common, and there are several solutions that you can turn to help reduce its appearance.

Some Potential Causes of Armpit Fat

Armpit fat can develop in any gender, yet it's more common in women than men. For some people, it can develop due to specific garments, such as tight tops or bras, which cause the skin between the breasts and armpits to spill out.

Yet aside from clothing choice, armpit fat has other causes, some of which we have no control over. 


Where fat is distributed within the body is dictated by our genetics. However, where fat is located can also vary by gender. Armpit fat is more prevalent in women, given that it serves as a natural protection when bearing a child.

Weight Gain

Having excess fat accumulate near the armpits, even when near your ideal weight, is determined by genetics. Those well above their desired weight ranges may develop fat in various areas, including the underarms. Excess underarm flab can also cause your breasts and armpit area to appear larger than it truly is.

Losing weight by eating with a caloric deficit and exercising routinely can help you reduce your overall body fat, which will progressively reduce the armpit area.


Breast tissue in the armpit is sensitive to hormonal changes linked to puberty, pregnancy, and menstruation. Additionally, the production of estrogen in the body causes the breasts to swell, which can cause the tissue to spill out between the breast and underarm. Sometimes, this even occurs in uneven amounts, causing one armpit to appear larger than the other. 

How to Lose Underarm Flab

To lose stubborn underarm flab, you first must understand its cause. If hormones, genetics, or loose skin are the culprit, then your approach to reducing it will differ from if it is caused by excess body fat. 

For those concerned with fatty tissue in their arm region, the main approach will be entering a caloric deficit via consistent training and practicing targeted exercises to tone the area. Use cardio to help get your heart rate up and burn calories while performing full-body compound movements three to four times per week. 

If you perform a balanced upper body regimen (do not ignore the lower body, too) that includes horizontal and vertical push and pull movements like pull-ups, push-ups or bench presses, rows, and overhead presses, you will inevitably begin to grow muscle in the underarm area. Topping it off with tricep presses or dips can help with additional toning. Still, the only way you will lose fat is by remaining in a calorie deficit, losing fat gradually throughout the body.

That said, see our complete guide on how to get rid of armpit fat for more information. 

Armpit Fat Removal Options in Austin

One of the main methods used to reduce armpit fat is liposuction. Liposuction is a procedure often performed under general anesthesia that uses a device known as a cannula to suction fat from the area.

While the procedure has significantly gained popularity over the years, there are better choices that you can make nowadays. 

The exclusive AirSculpt® procedure offers Austin residents permanent underarm fat removal without using the invasive tools used during liposuction, such as scalpels, needles, or stitches.

During an Armpit and Underarm AirSculpt® treatment, patients remain wide awake as fat is removed by the cell with a mechanical plucking motion. 

Patented AirSculpt® technology allows for a seamless experience, drastically reducing the risks of traditional liposuction while shortening downtime to just one to two days. Patients notice an instant reduction in stubborn armpit fat without having to contend with large, unsightly scars, common during more invasive procedures.  

For more information on how we can help you, call our Austin body sculpting office or any of our more than 27 locations worldwide to schedule your free consultation. 


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