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Reviewing the Best Leg Liposuction and Lift Options in Dallas

Leg Liposuction and Lift Options

The way to look at your best may surprise you. While many people focus on the macro, several tend to forget that small changes can make a big difference.

One of the body parts that has been associated with this feeling is the arms. If you're not feeling comfortable with the contour of your arms, you're usually hesitant to reveal your shoulders and wear short sleeves.

Nevertheless, this is more pronounced when it comes to your legs. Lunges and squats will only get you so far, and it boils down to the genetic makeup you possess. Therefore, the best solution for some is to experiment with plastic surgery of some sort.

Aesthetic Problems With The Legs

The legs are usually a troubling area of women, considering how their hormones dictate fat distribution within their bodies. Significant weight gain tends to be noticeable around the lower body.

Even when dealing with weight-loss, your legs' contour is changed due to drooping and flabby skin. 

None of these issues can be addressed with a healthy lifestyle alone. That said, cosmetic surgery can be helpful, given the vast array of options to choose from.

Leg Liposuction & Lifts In Dallas: Not As Promising As It Looks

Leg liposuctions or leg lifts in Dallas have been cemented as the go-to procedures for excess fat in these areas. Nevertheless, the reasons aren't due to their effectiveness or the guarantee that they offer precise results.

They do what they preach: remove fat from your body, but they are procedures that are too reliant on the expertise of the surgeon. Liposuction consists of a predominantly manual technique, and the results can sometimes be imprecise because of it.

Leg lifts as well, their invasive technique itself is something that doesn't sit well with a patient's stomach.

Leg AirSculpt®: Dallas' Favorite Option

Leg AirSculpt® developed by Elite Body Sculpture is a more precise and much less invasive leg contouring treatment developed by Elite Body Sculpture.

It can give your legs a smooth, youthful finish without a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia. Also, compare that to the month-long recovery times of traditional procedures with AirSculpt®'s 48 hours.

Leg AirSculpt® is performed in the following manner:

  1. The Elite Body Sculpture surgeon numbs the leg treatment site with the AirPen, a device that uses air to administer the local anesthetic.
  2. The surgeon forms a two-millimeter hole with a biopsy punch and implements a local anesthetic to ready the fat for removal.
  3. The AirSculpt® cannula is inserted to pluck the fat out and simultaneously tighten the skin surrounding the leg.
  4. Once the necessary amount of fat is removed, the opening is naturally left to heal, leaving only a freckle-sized mark.

Elite Body Sculpture Dallas: Call Us Now

Elite Body Sculpture prides itself on offering fat removal procedures that are minimally invasive, risk-free, and sure to give you precise results.

If looking your best is your priority, then work with the best in Dallas, head to, or call our office to set up your first consultation. 


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