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What to Know About Bra Bulge Fat Removal Treatments In Orlando

What to Know About Bra Bulge Fat Removal Treatments In Orlando

The bra bulge is the fat area between the armpit and bra that bulges out around the bra line. It's widespread amongst women, given that their fat deposits affect the contour, making certain clothes and garments practically unwearable.

Bras are generally the least comfortable, given that the garment's pressure is pushed into the bulging skin, causing it to 'cut into' or rub against the surface.

The issue is that it's pretty challenging to remove fat from this specific area because not much muscle function is found in that portion of the back.

To have tighter skin and less fat within an area, we need skin and muscles to gain mobility to reach and stretch and back our arms. 

The way we move causes our skin to lose elasticity, affecting the contour of our bodies. It's not just our daily habits; we're genetically wired to accumulate fat in these specific areas.

That said, liposuction is an effective way of getting rid of accumulated fatty tissue. It tends to be performed around the bra-line, under the breast cups, and the armpits.

Orlando Bra Bulge Fat Removal

Bra line liposuction focuses on two aspects: removing excess fat and contouring the area. It's ideal for a bra bulge that has been resistant to exercise and diet.

That said, view cosmetic surgeries as a last resort when a healthy lifestyle hasn't been able to suffice your body-slimming needs.

Ideal candidates for bra bulge fat removal have small fat areas near the bra line and sufficient skin laxity. It's recommended that all patients that undergo a fat removal procedure maintain their new weight to avoid the results being altered.

What Should I Consider About Liposuction?

First and foremost, liposuction is surgery. It's an invasive process performed under general anesthesia that uses a scalpel to form incisions around the body and insert a cannula to extract the excess fat.

Various techniques facilitate the fat extraction process, mainly being tumescent liposuction or laser-assisted liposuction. 

Nonetheless, as mentioned before, liposuction is still surgery. And surgery has potential risks and unnecessary medical complications that could arise for various reasons.

Aim to be well-informed before deciding to change any aspect of your body.

Elite Body Sculpture Changes The Way You Decide

Yet, there's a way that you can decide to make changes to your body without having to worry about any potential issues. 

Bra bulge fat removal in Orlando is easier than ever before with the Front Bra Roll AirSculpt® by Elite Body Sculpture.

The patented, minimally invasive technique allows you to get dramatic results as you would in liposuction with a process that doesn't require a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia.

It trumps all forms of liposuction processes, but it also has a much shorter recovery time than its traditional counterparts. With Front Bra Roll AirSculpt®, you can return to work the next day and return to the gym in two weeks, whereas with liposuction, about six weeks of rest is recommended.

To experience the next generation of body contouring for yourself, head to Elite Body Sculpture Orlando for your first consultation. 


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