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Workouts You Can Do to Lose Bra Bulge Fat

Lose Bra Bulge Fat

We all have that outfit in our closet, waiting to be flaunted on the right occasion. Yet, that occasion depends on our body, so the last thing we need to appear is an unwanted bra bulge that will ruin our motivation.

Targeting a bra bulge isn't an impossible task. It all depends on your perspective, as well. We understand that you want to remove the mound, but you should also realize that the process will make you an overall healthier person.

Your back is part of your core, and it's vital for your daily actioning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, experiment with these exercises to give you more strength, fix your posture, bring stability and balance, and deal with lower back pain.

Bra Bulge Removal Workouts

Bra bulge fat removal starts with cardio. After your cardio session of preference, hit the weights. Take a gander at these three exercises, doing three sets of 10 reps each.

The Pullup

A pull-up is a bodyweight exercise that works your entire back. The lats are mainly targeted, which is where the bra bulge is usually formed.

That being said,

  1. Grab a pull-up bar with your arms straight and hands apart.
  2. Pull yourself by working your lat muscles to move you up. Your elbows should point at the floor on the 'pull-up' part of the movement. 

The Bent-Over Row With Dumbbells

An exercise that targets your lats is bent over dumbbell rolls. They're usually easier than pull-ups but don't be alarmed when the burn gets to you.

  1. Grab a dumbbell with each hand, then hinge your upper body to a 45-degree angle towards the ground. 
  2. Let your arms hang toward the floor in front of you and bring the dumbbells to your waist with your elbows close to your body. 
  3. Ensure your back is straight, the neck is neutral and that your core is stabilized.

The Superman 

Never neglect the lower area of your back. It's essential to work your lower back since it aids in increasing muscle strength and gives your spine more motion. 

The Superman is performed in the following steps:

  1. Lie face down on the ground and extend your arms in front of you. Do so as if you're Superman flying in the sky.
  2. To do so, raise your legs and arms inches off the ground while keeping your head in the same place.
  3. Feel the burn.

Elite Body Sculpture's Here to Help

The Back Bra Roll AirSculpt® by Elite Body Sculpture is an additional solution to help patients lose bra bulge fat. It's essential to note that we're a complement to diet and exercise, not an alternative.

Our minimally invasive process can safely and precisely remove fat without using a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia.

Instead of opting for traditional liposuction that will have you under downtime for weeks, the AirSculpt® method only requires that you rest for 48 hours. If you want to work with the best, then opt for the best. Head to Elite Body Sculpture for your first consultation. 


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