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Inner Thigh AirSculpt® Beverly Hills

Are Inner Thighs Lifts Worth The Cost, Los Angeles? It's About More Than Just Looking Good

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We all have seen and heard about thigh gaps. Social media is filled with pictures and comments about what it's like having a thigh gap, and the difference it can provide to one's figure. 

For many people, however, that space between their thighs could be something they haven’t really thought about because they got used to the legs rubbing together.

Sometimes when women wear a dress, a skirt, or even tight pants, they continuously try to avoid having their thighs touch. This action can be motivated not just by pain but by the opinions of others. Legs that regularly brush against each other can cause rashes between the thighs, which often need to be treated right away with some cream or gel.

Looking good and feeling good when wearing a new skirt on a night out around Los Angeles should be a given. That’s why so many women consider inner thigh lifts for an immediate and lasting solution.

Inner Thigh AirSculpt®: A Permanent Fix

Thigh AirSculpt® is more than just fat removal. Using patented technology, we eliminate unwanted fat from the knee up to the groin area while also helping make the skin tighter. We also create space between the legs by removing fat from the inner thighs, knees, and “banana roll” – the roll under the butt behind your leg.

This minimally invasive procedure provides patients with remarkable results and a quicker recovery window than traditional thigh liposuction or lift procedures. AirSculpt® contours your legs, leaving them smoother and more symmetrical, while also causing less bruising and trauma to the treated area than with liposuction. Typically, patients can return to work in just two days.

All AirSculpt® procedures are minimally invasive, which means we skip using risky general anesthesia while also avoiding needles, scalpels, and stitches. You’re able to remain awake throughout the procedure and can even listen to your favorite music. The highly effective AirSculpt® can deliver that Californian Beach Body you’ve always wanted without feeling ashamed of showing your legs.

Results of Thigh AirSculpt® 

The results of this surgery can be divided into two aspects: aesthetics and functionality.

Aesthetics wise, this procedure’s results are visible almost immediately. It will take several months for the final results to ultimately develop, but you will see changes from day one. Getting your thighs done with AirSculpt® also improves your skin quality from both a feel and appearance standpoint, leaving you with no extreme scarring or long-lasting bruising, just the permanent results.

When considering functionality, results will remain as long as you maintain your fitness and diet routine. Even if it's going shopping around Beverly Hills or The Grove or walking down the beach, you have to stay active to keep your thigh gap. 

Thigh AirSculpt®  will help you reduce skin rashes such as dermatitis between legs as well as the discomfort of your legs rubbing together all day. Fat is distributed in different ways around the body, and this includes the legs. Our procedure evens the fat distribution in the legs and thighs and allows you to get rid of any thigh-related insecurity. 

Is A Thigh Lift or Thigh Lipo Worth the Cost?

Most of us are tired of being uncomfortable dealing with pain because of long-term dermatitis or rashes. It is also medically proven that changing a habit or something that prevents us from living as our true selves can radically improve one's self-esteem. Hence, you should take into account the emotional benefit of feeling like yourself and letting that pain and discomfort go can have. 

That being said, thigh liposuction and thigh lifts are quite invasive procedures that can be taxing on the body. To take a step toward sculpted thighs without incurring the risk of a botched procedure, consider Thigh AirSculpt® as your stepping stone. 

If you’re ready to sculpt your thighs, visit or call us to begin the consultation process. Our Los Angeles location is located mere minutes from Rodeo Drive, right in the heart of Beverly Hills. As our inaugural location and the first to offer the proprietary AirSculpt® technique, Elite Body Sculpture Beverly Hills perfectly captures our premium standard. You'll feel at ease right when you arrive, and elated to walk out with your transformed body!


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