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Lipedema is defined as the uneven accumulation of fat beneath the skin, usually in the buttocks and legs. While it's initially a cosmetic concern for most women, it can eventually lead to pain and other complications. 

As of now, the exact cause of lipedema remains unknown. The common consensus is that female hormones play a role in its development, given that the condition affects about 11 percent of all women. 

As lipedema continues to develop within the body, the excess fat cells can block the vessels within your lymphatic system that are essential for balancing body fluid levels and protecting against infection. The blockage results in the improper drainage of lymphatic fluid, resulting in a buildup known as lymphedema. 

Lipedema itself causes reduced mobility and psychological damage, such as a significant decrease in one's self-esteem. 

Symptoms and side effects of lipedema include the following: 

  • An excessive presence of fat in the lower body, while the upper body remains thin. Nevertheless, lipedema has been shown to affect the arms as well.
  • The ankles and feet are not affected, creating a bracelet-like effect.
  • The fat feels abnormal and painful.
  • The fat feels tender and easily bruises.

How Lipedema Specialists Treat This Condition

It is important to note that there is currently no cure for lipedema, yet patients can turn to fat removal procedures for help alleviating the pain associated with the disorder. 

One of the procedures lipedema specialists may recommend to treat the condition is tumescent liposuction. Although it can help patients reduce their pain levels, this procedure has presented various potential risks that can severely hamper one's quality of life. These side effects include:

  1. Severe bruising: persistent for multiple weeks.
  2. Inflammation: Swelling can remain for up to six months, with fluid oozing from the incisions.
  3. Seromas: The accumulation of pockets of fluid that require the use of a needle to drain.
  4. Pulmonary edema: The fluid injected from the tumescent liposuction may accumulate in the lungs.

As you may have noticed, some of the potential risks that stem from tumescent liposuction are similar to the symptoms of lipedema. Why would you undergo a procedure that could potentially worsen the exact symptoms hindering your well-being? 

AirSculpt®, Atlanta's Leading Lipedema Solution

At Elite Body Sculpture Atlanta, we are dedicated to delivering you the pain-free life you deserve. AirSculpt® can effectively help treat lipedema and ensure improved mobility, functionality, and reduced pain. 

An AirSculpt® treatment is more effective than traditional tumescent liposuction because it seamlessly removes fat without the use of a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia. 

Additionally, the AirSculpt® process design allows for proper lymphatic drainage, balanced proportions on the body, and the preservation of delicate lymphatic tissue. These key differences only begin to illustrate why we're a more reliable treatment compared to other lipedema treatments.

The patented AirSculpt® cannula is better than the tube used in traditional liposuction, given that its size and gentle-yet-automated motion is optimized to remove fat effectively. 

Atlanta, Make Your Pick

The City of Atlanta is a progressive community where each citizen is a living representation of the virtues of hard work and determination. There's no reason to continue suffering the effects of untreated lipedema, allowing this condition to hinder your ability to exert maximum effort.

If you have lipedema, it doesn't mean you should be unable to live your life according to these values. Make the changes to your body that you deserve by choosing Elite Body Sculpture's AirSculpt® Lipedema treatment.  


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