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Tips and Pointers for Losing Back Fat Seamlessly

Tips and Pointers for Losing Back Fat Seamlessly

If back fat is bothering you, then you can take action to change your appearance. There's no way to remove back fat altogether, but there's much you can do to alter the appearance of your upper, lower, and middle back.

Fat on your back isn't the same as fat on other parts of your body, so there are several ways to reduce it. Yet, before trying to lose back fat, first, figure out which area of the back you want to target.

Where Is Back Fat Located?

Back fat can attack these three different areas:

  • Upper back fat: Excess fat that bulges out from the bra strap.
  • Mid-back fat: Fat that is present near the back of the waist.
  • Lower back top fat: The fat spills over the top of the pants, also known as a muffin top.

If you want to know where your back fat is most apparent, step in front of a mirror with the glass behind you, and hold a second mirror in your hand. 

Stand up tall, so the lines of your body are marked to identify the troublesome area quickly. 

How To Get Rid Of Back Fat

No matter where the fat settles on your body, a healthy diet and exercise can do wonders for improvement.

A diet will help you reduce fat all over your body. But to target the back fat directly, you'll have to build muscle along your spine and torso. Therefore, enjoy plenty of lean proteins to promote muscle growth.

Here are a few exercises you can do as well:

  • Shoulder strengthening exercises such as lateral dumbbell raises and the overhead press.
  • For the mid-back, do the lat pulldown to create a toned triangular shape.
  • Do back extension exercises to target the lower-back by strengthening your core.

The Optimal Back Fat Removal Procedure

The best procedure to lose back fat is Back AirSculpt® by Elite Body Sculpture. This tried and true minimally invasive process doesn't use a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia.

With a downtime of only 48 hours, the Back AirSculpt® is performed through a freckle-sized opening that leaves behind an easy-to-conceal scar — no liposuction-like incisions involved! Despite our reduced invasiveness, we can remove more fat with superior precision to such alternative techniques like back lipo. All of these benefits are attributable to the unique design of patented AirSculpt® technology.

The Elite Body Sculpture Method

We're proud of our method because of its focus on ensuring the patient's comfort. It's the safest and most precise procedure on the market, offering 2-1 benefits: fat removal and skin tightening.

It is a procedure void of risks that will sculpt your back and confidence to excellent results. If you want to look your best, then work with the best.

Head to Elite Body Sculpture Denver for your first consultation. 


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