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What To Expect During Recovery From Anterior Thigh Liposuction

Anterior Thigh Liposuction Recovery

The front thighs are an area of concern for many women. The dream of having slim, toned, and wonderfully contoured legs is a physical aspect many want to fulfill.

Yet, if you've tried it before, you know very well that losing anterior thigh fat is a challenge. Therefore, front liposuction procedures have gained popularity due to their ability to remove fat from the legs when diet and exercise do not suffice.

Fat removal from the thighs in Washington, D.C., is generally performed with traditional liposuction to remove the unwanted fatty deposits from the inner and outer areas.

Anterior Thigh Liposuction Recovery

With anterior thigh liposuction, while generally good results are typically provided, the recovery time in some cases can be extensive. 

It is generally recommended post-procedure that you rest entirely for one week before returning to light activities or work.

If your work consists of exerting much force or operating heavy machinery, it's recommended that you wait two weeks and wear compression garments during this timeframe.

You must also understand that while the procedure can be done in a maximum of 1 or 2 hours, results are not immediate and usually appear at their optimal stage after three months. In the case that you have loose, sagging skin, liposuction will not address these issues, given that the procedure is designed only to extract fat. 

Better Than Any Front Thigh Liposuction In Washington, D.C.

Liposuction is a procedure that is fully invasive and is done under general anesthesia. Swelling usually takes months to subdue, and work is limited until after three weeks. 

If you're someone who doesn't want to lounge around for such a long time, opt for Front Thigh AirSculpt, developed by Elite Body Sculpture.

It's a more precise and less taxing procedure that will have you back at work in 1-2 days and working out again after two weeks. The results are immediate as soon as you walk out the door due to AirSculpt® technology's innovative nature.

AirSculpt® does not use a scalpel, stitches, needle, or general anesthesia yet can still provide superior results with less downtime than invasive front thigh liposuction. Our patented cannula's power-automated design enables surgeons to pluck leg fat gently, like berries off a bush, compared with the abrasive nature of antiquated fat removal techniques. Hence, we don't only focus on removing large quantities of thigh fat but also preserving the legs' symmetry, sculpting the desired contours, and tightening skin all at once. 

Elite Body Sculpture D.C., Make The Right Choice

At Elite Body Sculpture, we take great pride in our service and quality of the results we consistently put out, which is attributable to patented AirSculpt® technology and the exceptional Elite Body Sculpture staff.

Therefore, if you want to sculpt your body under the most Elite experience, head to our D.C. office for your first consultation.


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