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Back and Waist Liposuction: Which Areas Do Each Address?

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The annoying bulges on one's back and waistline can make it difficult to find clothing or bras that fit properly. Regardless of how much effort you put into diet and exercise, the areas of the body won't shrink, and you'll need help from an external source.

Perhaps, back and waist liposuction is a viable option for you, which Elite Body Sculpture provides the best of in Sacramento, California. 

What Is Back Liposuction?

Liposuction is designed to remove unwanted deposits of fat cells from the back and waist. A cannula is a device that is inserted through a series of incisions to suction out the fat. 

There are variants of liposuction, such as tumescent liposuction, where injections of composite fluid are made to swell the fat, making it easier to remove from the body. 

What Is Waist Liposuction?

Waist liposuction follows the same principles as back liposuction, but the extraction points are centered around the waistline, allowing patients to have a thinner silhouette.

The procedure is generally popular with women interested in obtaining an hourglass figure but don't have the genetic structure regardless of losing weight and burning the excess fat through diet and exercise. 

What Areas Do They Address?

If you're figuring out what decision to make between back versus waist liposuction, you should know a bit more about what areas of the body are treated.

Back liposuction can treat the upper back, where fat is pushed to the sides when wearing tighter clothing, forming the unwanted bra bulge. Excess fat on the upper back also causes the illusion of armpit fat, making people uncomfortable wearing sleeveless garments. It can also treat down to the lower back and tailbone, or even as high as the back of the lower neck region.

Waist liposuction can treat the lower portion of the back, yet it's primarily designed to treat the sides of the body, where fat is usually pushed out to form what's known as a 'muffin top.' It often treats 360 degrees around the waistline, from the flanks around to the front and back of the body, yet primarily focuses on those pesky love handles. Therefore, to answer the question "does back liposuction includes the waist?" the answer is yes because undergoing back liposuction can include some aspects of the waist.

The Best Procedure To Treat Both Areas

While traditional liposuction has shown its results over the years, times are changing, and advanced technology has changed cosmetic fat removal procedures forever.

Elite Body Sculpture prides itself on taking part in this revolution, thanks to the use of AirSculpt® technology, which allows areas of the body to be contoured without using a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia.

Back AirSculpt® is the most innovative form of back liposuction designed to treat certain areas of the waist in Sacramento. The use of precision-engineered technology allows for safe and comfortable results for all patients.

If you're interested in looking your best, work with the best. Call our Sacramento office to schedule your first consultation. 


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