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Back Fat Removal and Tightening in the Big Apple: Where You Should Go

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A bra line lift is a cosmetic surgery designed to remove bulges and rolls that develop in the middle back because of excess skin and fatty deposits.

Bra line lifts can be performed as individual procedures or in combination with upper or lower body lifts as part of a more comprehensive body rejuvenation approach after weight loss surgery.

Patients that undergo bra line lifts can expect a significant improvement in their appearance, such as:

  1. Removal of back bra rolls around the bra line
  2. Eliminating sagging skin induced by weight loss
  3. Slimming your torso's circumference
  4. Developing a smoother back

What Does The Procedure Consist Of?

A back bra line lift is a form of surgery that provides patients with a smoother definition around the back to eliminate the bulging above and on the sides of the bra strap.

An incision is made across the back in a region hidden under a swimsuit or a bra. Excess fat and skin are removed to address the back rolls. The lift extends down the back to smooth out the appearance of the mid-back.

After the patient is under sedation, the surgeon will place incisions to remove the excess skin. Patients with moderate to excessive back fat can undergo liposuction before the skin is removed.

After the fat has been eliminated, the skin's edges are pulled together, eliminating the bra bulges and tightening the back.

Are These Results Permanent?

After a back fat and bra line lift, you can enjoy the results permanently if you maintain your new weight.

Surgery doesn't permanently remove fat from your body; it reduces the number of fat cells you currently have. If you gain weight, the remaining fat cells can continue to expand, which will cause you to lose your new results. Still, other untreated areas will tend to accumulate fat first.

Therefore, be consistent with a healthier lifestyle to fully enjoy what a back fat bra line lift can do for you.

Where Should I Get One In New York City?

If you're trying to find the optimal upper back fat removal treatment in New York City, AirSculpt®'s location in Manhattan has the solution for you.

Upper Back AirSculpt® is a minimally invasive procedure that doesn't use a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia to permanently remove back bra roll fat. Instead of large incisions used during traditional liposuction, we only need tiny entry points two millimeters in diameter, which heal to resemble freckles. 

Patients needing added skin tightening on their back bra rolls can combine their procedure with AirSculpt® +, an exclusive option that addresses loose skin without requiring an invasive lift. Patients experience instantly noticeable results that continue to improve with time.

With AirSculpt® +, there is no need for drains or general anesthesia, and the skin tightening results are still quite dramatic. Downtime lasts 24 to 48 hours instead of the weeks of recovery common after traditional liposuction and back lifts. 

For information on how we can help you, contact our New York City office or any of our body contouring centers to begin a free consultation. 


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