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Calf Fat Reduction Surgery: The Key Facts 

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One's calves may be large due to well-developed muscles, but in most cases, women tend to have larger calves due to excess fat in the area.

Can you have fat removed from your calves, some may ask? This feat is now possible with calf fat reduction surgery, but it should be noted that all are not created equal.

Liposuction on the calves has traditionally been the go-to calf-fat reduction surgery. The procedure removes the excess fat and gives the lower leg definition. It's commonly performed in tandem with ankle fat reduction to guarantee optimal results.

Ideal Candidates For Calf Reduction

The ideal candidates for a calf reduction procedure include those who are overall healthy individuals but are searching for a slimmer and more symmetrical lower leg. 

Calf muscle reduction patients also tend to consider extending their surgery to change the contour of the lower leg, specifically those that have what are known as cankles. Cankles are the colloquial term for bulky, tubed-shaped legs that do not define the calf and ankle.

The American Society of Plastic Surgery reports that liposuction is an effective procedure for reducing fat in the lower leg. Still, it's also recommended that patients consider advanced variants of liposuction for optimal results.

The ideal patients for these procedures understand the risks behind the surgeries and have realistic expectations related to the outcome. 

Benefits and Disadvantages of Calf Reduction Treatments

Calf fat reduction patients benefit from enhanced self-esteem, especially when they have avoided wearing certain clothes due to the appearance of their legs.

However, disadvantages related to calf reduction treatments have been reported as well:

  1. Tiredness while walking, usually not permanent
  2. Scar pigmentation issues
  3. Asymmetrical results leading to emotional distress

These treatments can be successful, but serious complications such as muscle edema or necrosis could also arise. Most of these complications stem from the antiquated approach of traditional liposuction and other calf fat removal surgeries. 

Other Side Effects of Calf Fat Removal Procedures

The American Society of Plastic Surgery mentions that surgeries such as calf reduction procedures include the following risks:

  1. Scarring
  2. Swelling
  3. Blood Clots
  4. Prolonged periods of pain

The Best Form of Calf Reduction

If you're interested in the optimal calf reduction procedure, the patented AirSculpt® fat reduction process offers a litany of benefits without the downsides of traditional liposuction. AirSculpt® focuses on providing patients with outstanding results without having to depend on invasive surgical techniques that could lead to most of the abovementioned risks.

Our approach avoids using surgical elements like scalpels, stitches, needles, and general anesthesia to ensure a comfortable and safe experience that other calf fat reduction surgeries cannot match. 

Still, the AirSculpt® CankCüre™ is designed to permanently provide patients with an aesthetic lower leg by seamlessly removing the excess fat and improving the tapered definition between the calf and ankle. Call our Pheonix office or any of the many for your free consultation to get started working with us.


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