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Comparing Hip Dips and Love Handles, and How to Lose Each

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You're likely familiar with the terms hip dip and love handles. Due to today's increasingly self-conscious society, several terms appear on the internet to define certain aspects of the body that aren't aesthetically pleasing.

Given the focus surrounding the human body's appearance, many have considered reducing or enhancing areas of their body through natural or surgical means.

Two terms that have become prominent in the cosmetic community are love handles and hip dips. What exactly are they, what causes them, and can they be removed naturally or surgically? Let's find out.

Hip Dips: What Are They?

Hip Flip Before 2

Hip dips are depressions that develop between the outer thighs and flanks, strictly due to your genetics, meaning that it's a factor that you cannot control. In the image above, the hip dips are the area below the black strap, where the skin curves inward near her buttocks.

People at a healthy weight can have hip dips because it depends on their bone structure and how high their hips are placed within their skeleton.

Nevertheless, social beauty standards have unfortunately rendered these hip dips unaesthetic, which is why several women are resorting to cosmetic procedures to get them removed. You can't remove hip dips naturally through diet or exercise because you can't alter your body's structures and bone insertions.

Elite Body Sculpture offers the AirSculpt® Hip Flip™, a patented, minimally invasive procedure that can treat your hip dips and provide you with an hourglass figure with ease. The procedure consists of removing fat from one part of your body without a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia and reinserting it into the depression to fill them out. 

Love Handles: What Are They?

before waist and flank airsculpt

Love handles are the excess pockets of flank fat, which form pinchable flab around the hips. These are also referred to as muffin tops. Love handles are located higher than hip dips; in the image above, the hip love handles are the rolls just below the patient's bra.

Love handles are a product of weight gain and genetics. Genetics don't dictate that we're overweight, but they dictate where fat is distributed throughout our bodies. While hip dips can't be removed naturally, you can deal with love handles if you implement a proper diet and exercise routine.

Nonetheless, suppose you're interested in removing the excess pockets of fat with cosmetic procedures. In that case, Elite Body Sculpture's Love Handle AirSculpt® is a minimally invasive form of fat removal that as well doesn't use a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia to give you comfortable and accurate results.

Work With Elite Body Sculpture

If you're wondering about what to address between hip dips and love handles, don't worry. Elite Body Sculpture can consult with you and help you achieve your dream body.

We provide the optimal hip dip and saddlebag fat removal in Miami, and we're here to stay. Call us today to schedule your free consultation at our Miami office serving the greater South Florida Area.


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