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Dallas's Best Abdominal Liposuction Alternative: 5 Things To Know About Abdominal AirSculpt®

Abdominal AirSculpt®

We’ve all been there: Staring at our stomach, after weeks of dieting and exercise, and we feel disappointed at what we’re seeing. It has been clinically proven that fat deposits around the stomach area are difficult to remove just with regular diet and exercise; it requires discipline and strength, plus a little luck, as well. 

In most cases, people seek out different options to achieve a flatter, more defined stomach through cosmetic surgeries. Liposuction procedures are on a popular high right now. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), more than 350,000 liposuctions are performed yearly only in the US, and around 25,000 are performed here in Dallas. 

Now, we all know that there are several procedures out there that can help you with your extra tummy fat, but in this article, we are going to mention the five things you should know about AirSculpt, the most advanced way to reduce your stomach fat without jeopardizing your routine or health.

What Stomach AirSculpt Does: 

Aging brings a lot of experience, adventures, and knowledge, but it also brings a redistribution of body fat that can change things as time goes by. For women, giving birth to a child (or children) can change the entire composition of the stomach area, leaving extra skin or fat even if you return to your normal weight. 

For men (and women too), aging can also activate certain genetic features, which means different changes to your tummy just because of the natural way your body is getting older.

AirSculpt allows you to remove the fat pockets from your stomach, flanks, and abdominal area that’s usually subcutaneous fat (located under the skin layers). That type of fat is mostly resistant to mild exercise and dieting, so a little bit of help might be required. 

Stomach AirSculpt seamlessly removes those fat pockets from the subcutaneous areas and the abdominal muscle wall, contouring your abdominal area and improving your shape. 

What Stomach AirSculpt Doesn’t Do

It is essential to clarify that Stomach AirSculpt is not a weight-loss procedure. This is not a solution for being overweight and should not be thought of like that. Stomach AirSculpt was explicitly created for this area. Other AirSculpt procedures target different body areas, so consider your main expectation and targeted area to choose the appropriate treatment.

Stomach AirSculpt will not only fix a bulging stomach, but it can help to tighten the skin. Depending on the case, you may need tightening skin treatments after the procedure, but it entirely depends on the amount of fat removed. 

How Stomach Liposuction Vs. AirSculpt is Done

To understand this process better, you should become familiar with the difference between Stomach liposuction and AirSculpt. Stomach Liposuction is performed with a technique called tumescent liposuction. Tumescent refers to the injection of large amounts of water directly to the fat pockets beneath the skin.

During stomach liposuction, the surgeon will make a significant cut in the treated area and then insert a cannula to start vacuuming the loose fat. The procedure lasts from an hour or two, during which the doctor rapidly and manually moves the cannula to target the entire target area. 

On the other hand, AirSculpt uses an automated, controlled cannula that plucks fat gently, cell-by-cell, rather than using a scalpel and manual cannula like traditional stomach liposuction. This means AirSculpt does not use stitches or leave you any prominent scars, thanks to the patented AirPen and biopsy punch we use to prepare patients for their procedure.

Traditional liposuction recovery process can last from 2 to 4 weeks, and the full results are seen between 6 to 12 weeks after the procedure. With AirSculpt, the downtime is minimal, and in just a couple of days, you can be on your feet and back at your job.

Who Can Perform Stomach Liposuction

Licensed doctors and physicians can perform traditional liposuction, but it is usually performed by certified plastic surgeons and specialists that can perform this procedure with their patients under general anesthesia.

AirSculpt, by contrast, never uses something risky like general anesthesia.  Still, we require our surgeons to possess extensive knowledge and pass a unique fellowship before working with us.

Fat Does Not Sleep!

Even though AirSculpt procedures remove stomach and waist fat, it is essential to mention that fat can return and reappear. Maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise routine will be crucial to preserving the achieved results after AirSculpt.

According to recent research, 25% of patients that received traditional stomach liposuction express concerns regarding gaining weight or returning to their pre-liposuction state after getting this procedure done.

It is essential to talk with your chosen doctor about your concerns and expectations before getting any procedure done. If you are considering Stomach AirSculpt, be sure to visit our Elite office in Dallas.


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