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Austin Chin AirSculpt®

Double Chin Fillers, Jowl Liposuction, & the AirSculpt® Way to Define the Jawline

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Have you ever noticed that a sharp and prominent jawline signifies health, fitness, and youthfulness? A beautiful jawline helps you look more youthful regardless of your age.

Many patients struggle to achieve the jawline of their dreams despite diet and exercise. Often, the lower jawline can be hidden by loose skin, while others are predisposed to storing excess fat in the submental area. Even patients in great shape can struggle to chisel their chin and neck region due to genetic obstacles. However, with modern plastic surgery techniques, several non-surgical and surgical options are available in and around Austin. 

Non-Surgical Options

Non-surgical options are best suited for patients with light to moderate fat covering the jawline, a reasonably well-defined chin, and minimal to moderate loose skin around the jawline. Options include dermal fillers, neurotoxins, injectable fat dissolvers, and surgical wires.

Dermal Fillers For the Jawline

Injecting dermal fillers directly into the jawline accentuates the edge of the bony angle and lower jaw. This works best in patients with a slightly prominent jawline but lacking the hard edge you can see.

To see complete results, you will typically need 1-4 syringes of double chin fillers, depending on your anatomy and how you want to define your jawline. Results are immediate and last about 12-18 months, depending on the dermal filler used.

Neurotoxins For Your Masseter Muscles

Botulinum toxin (Botox) can be placed directly into the chewing muscles of the face, causing the overall shape of your face to slim down to a form that somewhat resembles the letter "V."

You can feel the masseter muscles by clenching your teeth together and noticing a slight bulge at the end of your jaw. Thinning the masseter muscles requires a relatively large amount of neurotoxin to achieve visible results, usually about 30-60 units of Botox/Xeomin or 84-168 units of Dysport per side. Results last about 3-4 months.

Kybella for Fat on the Neck and Chin

If you have a slight excess of fat, you can dissolve this fat with a solvent called Kybella (deoxycholic acid). The area around your double chin is considered on-label use, but reaching to the sides and back of your jaw may be off-label. Depending on how much fat you have in your jaw, you will need 1-6 sessions of Kybella. The results are purported to be permanent, provided you maintain your overall weight as the fat physically dissolves.

Surgical Options For Chin Definition in Austin

Surgical options are for patients with moderate to large amounts of fat and loose skin in the neck and jaw area. The main procedures are liposuction or neck lift, or both. Another new technology is radiofrequency energy.

Liposuction of the Neck

If you have fat just under the skin and not under the neck muscles, neck and jaw liposuction can be performed to remove fat and give you a beautifully defined jawline. Liposuction will also result in mild to moderate skin tightening, depending on the technology used. The results will last for years or a lifetime because the fat is physically removed.

Neck Lift

After incisions under and behind the ear and an incision under the chin are made, the skin of the neck is excised and lifted. A neck lift offers greater access and long-term results because all structures that accentuate your jawline - skin, fat, muscle, and glands - can be treated in one procedure for maximum results that last for years. Note that this is quite an invasive procedure requiring weeks of downtime and general anesthesia.

AirSculpt® Technology's Chin Contouring Solution

One of the more recommended solutions for defining the jawline is Chin AirSculpt®. Chin AirSculpt® is designed to remove fat without invasive surgical techniques, serving as an alternative to jawline definition surgery and nonsurgical approaches alike. 

During AirSculpt® procedures, no scalpels, stitches, needles, or general anesthesia are used, which significantly minimizes the downsides associated with traditional surgery. 

Nonetheless, we can contour the chin and provide dramatic jawline definition with a combination of permanent fat removal and dramatic skin tightening. The AirSculpt® + add-on serves as a wonderful complement by tightening the skin of treated areas to its newly slimmed shape. Patients achieve instant improvement to loose skin while removing stubborn fat, achieving a chiseled, sharp facial profile without undergoing an invasive lift. 

Whether you need a small amount of refinement or an overhaul via extensive fat removal and submental skin tightening, our customizable treatments have a solution for you. Call our Austin office or any of our 20+ AirSculpt® locations across North America and Europe to schedule your complimentary consultation.


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