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Evaluating 3 Different Procedures For Saggy Knees: Lifts, Lipo, and AirSculpt

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Aging is a normal process affecting every part of the human body. While many procedures exist to reverse the signs of aging surrounding the head and neck area, it's much more difficult to find plausible treatments for other areas of the body.

For some, excessive wrinkles and skin sagging around the knees can be quite noticeable. While being desirable, improving the texture and appearance of your skin doesn't constitute a very popular procedure.

Due to the limited options to reverse the signs of aging in such a sensitive area, finding the right expertise in your geographical location is usually quite challenging.

Nonetheless, minimally invasive techniques are designed to tighten the knees without significant skin elasticity loss and practically no downtime. 

The Ideal Candidates For Knee Contouring Procedures

It's recommended that you be a generally healthy person, with some moderate to excessive wrinkling and sagging skin around your knees. 

You may not be eligible for a knee contouring procedure if you have a history of osteoarthritic or knee replacement surgeries.

Other reasons to exclude a patient from undergoing cosmetic knee surgery are having a history of Rheumatoid arthritis and certain medical allergies.

The Procedures One Can Choose

Knee Lifts

The knee lift is one of the most commonly performed procedures to treat saggy knees. The surgical knee lift involves the direct excision of the folds of the knee, providing you with a smooth contour.

One downside of the knee lift is that you will have to use sutures for the long term so your procedure can resist the stretching and weight-bearing the knee normally undergoes.

The procedure also forms a noticeable scar at the knee, making it a less popular method for some patients. However, this is still a practical option for removing loose, sagging knee skin.

Knee Liposuction

Knee liposuction is also an option you can consider, designed to remove excess fat that accentuates the folds surrounding the knee.

Liposuction involves making several incisions around the knee and then inserting a cannula within the apertures to suction out the excess fat.

Liposuction can also be coupled with a knee lift if you have too much loose skin, given that liposuction isn't designed to address that issue. 

Knee AirSculpt®

Last but not least, what we consider one of the most optimal forms of saggy knee treatments is Knee AirSculpt® by Elite Body Sculpture.

The minimally invasive procedure doesn't use a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia to pluck fat cells one by one and simultaneously help tighten the surrounding skin with ease. 

The knees are a small, delicate area; thus, sculpting them requires a high degree of precision and care. Using our patented AirSculpt® tools allows surgeons to deliver comfortable and accurate results that liposuction or a lift will not be able to match, all with less invasiveness than those procedures.

For more information on how we can help you, come to our Dallas office to schedule your first consultation. 


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