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Gynecomastia Severity and The Different Surgical Solutions Available in 2023

Gynecomastia Severity

Gynecomastia is one of the most frustrating things for a man to endure. This condition is characterized by the excess growth of breast tissue, resulting in a feminine appearance in the chest, casually known as 'man boobs.' 

It occurs within men, usually during puberty, and, in some cases, can resolve naturally over the years. For others, it persists and can even begin to show itself during adulthood at testosterone levels drop. 

One of the most common presenting features is the enlarged Nipple Areolar Complex, known as 'puffy nipples.' Gynecomastia causes it to form a dome shape and protrude.

There Are Two Types of Gynecomastia

True gynecomastia is caused by hormonal imbalances that create a high estrogen to androgen ratio. This condition usually stems from the use of certain medications, illegal drugs, or having a genetic predisposition to gynecomastia. 

True gynecomastia consists of the enlargement of glandular breast tissue.

The other form of gynecomastia is pseudo gynecomastia. It's breast growth caused by excess fat, not by enlarged breast tissue.

It's important not to confuse either variant of each condition with enlarged chest muscles due to regular exercise.

The Ideal Candidate For Gynecomastia Treatment

It's important to understand that you're not alone when it comes to gynecomastia. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons establishes that around 25,000 men in the United States opt to treat their gynecomastia.

You're a plausible candidate for these treatments if you:

  • Are healthy
  • Have gynecomastia derived from a hormonal imbalance or the use of specific medications
  • Have enlarged breasts derived from excess glandular tissue
  • Have excess breast tissue due to weight loss

Techniques Used To Treat Gynecomastia

Liposuction is best used to treat pseudo gynecomastia. It consists of making small incisions along the area and extracting the excess fat with a cannula.

A partial mastectomy is an option you should opt for when dealing with excess glandular breast tissue. Cases in which glandular and fatty tissues are present within the chest call for using both a partial mastectomy and liposuction. 

When dealing with severe gynecomastia cases, an excess of glandular breast tissue and fatty tissue, the patient usually has excess sagging skin and a significant enlargement of the nipple-areolar complex. 

Incisions are used to remove the sagging skin, while liposuction is used to reduce and reposition the nipple-areolar complex and remove fatty and glandular tissues.

Gynecomastia AirSculpt®: The Optimal Procedure For Mild Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia AirSculpt® by Elite Body Sculpture is the ideal mild gynecomastia surgery if you're looking to remove the excess fat tissue from your chest. This minimally invasive process does not use a scalpel, stitches, stitches, needle, or general anesthesia, far less invasive than lipo-based treatments.

The patented AirSculpt® cannula is specifically designed to pluck fat from your chest as if taking grapes off a vine. Additionally, the recovery time is much less than its traditional counterparts; you're able to be back at your daily routine within 48 hours.

Elite Body Sculpture Chicago: Get Rid Of Those Man Boobs Today

Dealing with gynecomastia is a hassle. It makes you buy baggy clothes, and you'll never take your shirt off at the beach.

At Elite Body Sculpture, we won't only sculpt your chest; we'll sculpt your confidence.

If you're interested in making a life-changing decision, go to Elite Body Sculpture Chicago to begin your first consultation.


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