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Hip Liposuction in Nashville: The Best Way to Lose Flank Fat?

Hip Liposuction in Nashville

Contrary to what you might think, liposuction isn't about removing the optimal amount of fat. What's relevant about the procedure is the amount of fat left after surgery to guarantee that your new body looks as naturally contoured as possible.  

Removing too much fat can change your body's natural appearance, but it can also lead to skin irregularities that are hard to correct.

Liposuction on the hips involves the flanks to form a smoother appearance. The idea is to extract the fat rolls that form what is known as the muffin top, so the butt area will appear more voluptuous. 

On another note, liposuction of the butt cheek isn't a standard procedure due to its tendency to result in skin asymmetries and a sagging appearance. Therefore, patients frequently opt for liposuction on the hip/flank area to benefit the appearance of their butt.

The patient's desired size must determine the amount of fat to remove;  skin elasticity to redrape to the new contour is also an aspect to consider. 

What's Essential Is Not Removing Too Much

Removing an amount of volume that is too much for the skin to handle will result in a wide array of ripping and noticeably loose skin problems.

Asymmetries can be improved by a fat transfer, in which fat is injected back into a site to enhance its appearance. 

The goal of liposuction on hips and buttocks is to remove the correct amount of fat to leave enough to preserve your figure's natural contours and smooth skin surface.

Traditional Liposuction Isn't Optimized For Precision

Liposuction isn't always able to deliver even results, which is crucial for each hip and buttock. The procedure also leaves behind scars, doesn't tighten skin properly, and can leave your body with unwanted bumps and irregularities. 

Therefore, people are looking for the next-generation solution to hip liposuction, and that's easily found with AirSculpt® technology. If you think you've found the best hip liposuction in Nashville, you need to head to Elite Body Sculpture Nashville in the heart of Green Hills.

Hip AirSculpt® allows you to remove fat from the hip and love handle area, giving you a contoured look all without needing a scalpel, stitches, needles, or general anesthesia. 

While traditional liposuction will have you resting for a minimum of two weeks and have you waiting six months for optimal results, AirSculpt® will have you up and running quickly!

Downtime is a maximum of 48 hours, and results immediately and continue to improve in the months after!

Elite Body Sculpture Nashville: Get The Hips You Deserve

Elite Body Sculpture developed its patented AirSculpt® technology to make fat removal as easy as plucking berries off a bush. 

We understand that making changes to your body doesn't have to be risky as with traditional liposuction. There's no reason your results should run the risk of coming out asymmetrical or with further complications. 

At Elite Body Sculpture Nashville, we are making these life-changing decisions easy to take. Start a consultation with us today!


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