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How is Knee Liposuction Performed and Where Can I Get it in Miami?

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Traditional liposuction, also known as suction-assisted lipoplasty, is a standard cosmetic procedure designed to remove fat deposits from specific body parts.

Knee liposuction is one such area that is of much interest. While it's not a viable weight loss solution, the procedure works best for patients who want to target a small collection of fat that is difficult to burn off by diet and exercise.

It's important to note that knee liposuction isn't for everyone. Therefore it's always necessary to previously consult with a board-certified surgeon so you become more aware of the benefits, risks, and costs associated with the procedure.

What is Knee Liposuction?

Knee liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes fat deposits from the inner thigh down to the knee area. It tends to be performed in tandem with liposuction to the thighs so patients can achieve a more contoured look that preserves the cosmetic unit's symmetry.

The results of knee liposuction are considered permanent if you can maintain your weight.

Who Is Eligible For Knee Liposuction?

To make sure that you're a proper candidate for knee liposuction, you should have good skin elasticity and are at a weight that's healthy for your body type. 

The procedure is designed for those who already follow a healthy lifestyle plan but struggle with burning off the fat that surrounds their knees. It's recommended that you be around 30% of your ideal weight before thinking about getting any cosmetic surgery.

What Does Knee Liposuction Consist Of?

Many often wonder how knee liposuction is performed. It all starts with being administered anesthesia, so you don't feel pain during the procedure. Depending on the surgeon's preferences and the requirements of the surgery, traditional knee liposuction can either be performed under general or local anesthesia.

Your surgeon will then place small incisions around the inner knee, in which they'll then insert a small cannula that is designed to suction out the fatty deposits.

Once all of the unwanted fat is removed from the knee area, the surgeon will close up the incisions with stitches and give you compression bandages to control bleeding and swelling while you recover.

Elite Body Sculpture's Knee Fat Removal Is Best

Traditional knee liposuction has been around enough to deliver several patients throughout the world plausible results. But it's important to note that it's still a form of invasive surgery and that there could be potential risks.

That being said, there's a way to get liposuction-like results without having to endure invasive surgical techniques.

That's all thanks to Elite Body Sculpture's Knee AirSculpt®. The minimally invasive procedure doesn't use a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia, which provides patients with comfortable and accurate results that won't have you under an extensive recovery time. Patented AirSculpt technology enables surgeons to sculpt small areas like the knees with unparalleled finesse and accuracy. 

For more details about our treatment and how we can help you achieve your body goals, call our brand-new Elite Body Sculpture location in Miami for your free consultation. 


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