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Looking to Target Back Fat With Liposuction, Denver? Read the AirSculpt Take

Looking to Target Back Fat With Liposuction, Denver? Read the AirSculpt Take

What is Back Liposuction?

The back is one of the most challenging places to tone. If you have found yourself tirelessly trying to lose weight in this area with no results, you are not alone. Many find themselves frustrated with stubborn fat deposits, and diet and exercise alone cannot help you achieve a toned body. Back liposuction, however, can help many such individuals achieve a more toned body.

What is the Procedure?

During traditional liposuction, a surgeon will make multiple large incisions in the body to insert abrasive cheese-grater like tools to physically scrape your fat cells out indiscriminately. A surgeon will likely use general anesthesia, which comes with its own set of risks and side effects. Many leave with unbalanced results due to the procedure's lack of precision and accuracy.

What Are The Results?

Results take up to six months to appear. Your back will look more toned and contoured, your clothes will fit tighter, and your silhouette will be slimmer. If your current weight, diet, and exercise routine all stay the same, you can expect permanent results!

What Can I Expect During Recovery From Back Liposuction?

During the first two to three weeks, you will experience inflammation. You should expect four to six weeks of downtime. During this time frame, you should avoid strenuous activity and be mindful of your body. Getting plenty of rest, drinking a lot of water, and following all of your physician's instructions are all critical for a safe recovery. Most importantly, remember to wear your compression garment! The compression garment is vital in the back's healing process.

Am I An Ideal Candidate for this Procedure?

The ideal candidate for back liposuction has fat deposits on their back. They should also have a healthy diet, follow a consistent exercise routine, and are close to their target weight. Ideal candidates have good skin elasticity and good muscle tone. They are not smokers, nor do they have any chronic illnesses. Most of all, they are excited to change their life, raise their self-esteem, and achieve their ideal body.

How Is AirSculpt the Superior Solution to Lower Back Fat?

A superior alternative to back liposuction exists, Denver Residents. With reduced risks, less invasiveness, and enhanced precision, Back AirSculpt™ is the perfect procedure to remove back fat. The best part? The process is so simple that even someone without a background in medicine can understand the steps.

First, the surgeon uses an AirPen to numb the skin around the back. Prioritizing accuracy and safety, the patented AirPen uses air pressure differentials to distribute topical numbing solutions, instead of needles.

Second, the surgeon uses a biopsy punch tool to create an entry point. Perfectly symmetrical and incredibly minuscule, the entry point is the key to an inconspicuous recovery. The surgeon performs the entire fat removal procedure through this small entryway, so you will heal with a freckle-sized, barely noticeable scar. Compare this to alternative methods that leave you with large, ugly scars.

Afterward, the surgeon applies a local anesthetic to the lower back. The surgeon will never use something risky as an aesthetic, such as general anesthesia. Next, the surgeon softens the fat for extraction while simultaneously promoting collagen production, which helps tighten the back's skin!

Finally, using the patented AirSculpt cannula, the surgeon selectively targets and removes pockets of stubborn fat. Like berries off a bush, the surgeon individually plucks fat cells. This level of precision is unmatched in competing procedures like back liposuction in Denver!


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