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Are Buttock Lifters Right For Me?

Are Buttock Lifters Right For Me?

Before big butts infiltrated the media, every lady would love to have a rounded butt. No matter what shape your butt may have, a butt lifter shall instantly enhance its appearance.

A butt lifter is shapewear that lifts the buttocks, making it seem more contoured than it is. 

What Are the Instant Benefits of a Buttock Lifter?

The buttock lifter can do more for your behind than you'd expect. Here are some perks to name a few:

  1. The new butt you've wanted comes instantaneously. Squats or a diet are long term actions that may or may not give you the butt you're looking for. Slide on a butt lifter, and in mere seconds you'll see the change.
  2. Butt lifters have a natural appearance under your clothes. 
  3. It's effortless to add butt lifters to your everyday wear. There are various types of butt lifters to select for a specific wardrobe, keeping you comfortable at all times.

What Else Gives Your Butt Instant Benefits?

Buttock lifters are an excellent alternative for being able to show off your newly formed butt. Nonetheless, it's an assistance mechanism; it doesn't change your body.

What if there was a way to give your body immediate results that would change your body, not require special garments to provide you with a better-looking butt. 

One could assume that the answer to your problems is surgery; nevertheless, traditional butt lifts pose many risks that aren't worth undergoing. The results usually appear three to six months after the procedure, a painfully long time to wait.

The Power of the AirSculpt® Power Brazilian Butt Lift™ 

Elite Body Sculpture, the founder of AirSculpt® technology, understands that changing your body shouldn't be painful or uncomfortable.

That's why the AirSculpt® Power Brazilian Butt Lift™ (BBL) allows you to sculpt your behind to its desired state without using a scalpel, needles, or general anesthesia.

This procedure is for those that want quick and dramatic results for their body. AirSculpt® technology finely bridges precision and luxury, giving you results that are incomparable to traditional surgical butt lifts. They're that much better!

The AirSculpt® Power Brazilian Butt Lift™ (BBL) Process

The procedure goes as follows:

  1. The Elite Body Sculpture provider numbs the skin of the area with excess fat, dispensing numbing fluid using a tool that uses pressurized air to administer the localized anesthetic. A needle-free process! 
  2. Next, a perfectly symmetrically two millimeter-wide opening is made with a biopsy punch, and the fat is prepared for extraction. 
  3. The fat is then extracted with the patented AirSculpt cannula, which uses a precise, delicate plucking motion, unlike abrasive, manual liposuction. The fat is then treated using our specialized fat purification system, ensuring your results won't fade with time.
  4. AirSculpt technology is used to dispense the collected fat, sculpting and contouring your butt into its desired shape with impeccable skill.
  5. The openings are naturally left to heal, leaving just a freckle-sized mark at the end. 

The fact that there is no general anesthesia used within this procedure means that we can provide balanced, symmetrical results since your body can be maneuvered while you're awake. 

That said, any AirSculpt® procedure provides immediate results with little to no recovery time. You're able to return to your regular routine just a day after!

Make Your Best Decision

If you're ready to change your life for the better, and get a butt that will stay with you forever, read more about the AirSculpt® Power Brazilian Butt Lift™ (BBL).


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