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Losing Back Flab as a Man: Exercises, Diet, and More

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Fat hanging around your mid or lower back can be tough to lose. The good news is that your efforts aren't a waste of time; you can sculpt your back with the correct nutrition and workout plan. Here's what you need to know to get rid of that unwanted back fat for good.

Why does fat accumulate on the back?

You can't always blame your genetics for the cause of your back fat. Back fat is generally an indicator of an unhealthy diet, little to no physical activity, and a lack of muscle mass.

Losing back fat as a man is attainable with consistency and frequency; what's necessary is that you take the responsibility of placing yourself into a routine to ensure that you obtain the best results possible.

How Can I Build A Workout To Get Rid of Back Fat?

Most trainers recommend a cardio and body part split. Cardio is an essential aspect of going to the gym, given that it's a valuable activity for getting rid of fat from around your body.

It's also a versatile form of exercise; you can choose from biking, hiking, running, swimming, and more to burn off the excess calories.

You should also have days where you focus on strength-related training. Exercises focusing on working the back are helpful for building muscle and burning calories. These are necessary, given that weak back muscles usually lead to a saggy upper back that lacks definition.


Dieting is also an important principle for men to follow when trying to lose back fat. The reason why fat appears on our bodies is back we're consuming too many calories.

These excess calories convert themselves into pockets of fat; therefore, you should begin entering a caloric deficit when someone consumes fewer calories than what their body uses. In a deficit, your body resorts to using stored fat as an energy source, progressively slimming you down.

Are Surgical Procedures Recommended?

Surgical procedures for removing back fat can be recommended once you've experimented with natural methods such as diet and exercise.

Most surgeons recommend that patients be close to their healthy weight before undergoing a fat removal procedure, given that no form of surgery is recommendable for someone that's significantly overweight. 

In the end, the actual results from the surgery occur when you commit to maintaining your new developments with a healthy lifestyle.

Elite Body Sculpture's Procedures Are Best

If you've decided to undergo a cosmetic procedure to remove fat, then there's no reason you shouldn't pick working with Elite Body Sculpture.

Elite Body Sculpture provides patients with safe and comfortable alternatives to fully invasive, risky surgeries. That's why we can create just as significant results without using scalpels, stitches, needles, or general anesthesia.

Back AirSculpt® uses precision-engineered technology that allows patients to not worry about risks or medical complications of traditional liposuction with a much shorter recovery time, making maintaining the results a more effortless experience.

Call our San Diego office for your free consultation to get started working with us.


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