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Let's be honest. We all admire perfectly sculpted bodies like the ones you see in health magazines while you're waiting at the checkout of your favorite Nashville grocery store. 

You look up to this body and get some hope deep down when reading a headline like "10 Easy Ways to Lose Your Holiday Weight," thinking "hmm, that could be me."

Millions of women across the world and even here in Nashville are seeking the fastest, most effective, and simple way to take the fat off their bodies.

Luckily for those patients seeking an effective yet minimally invasive treatment, a new benchmark in fat removal has emerged, and it goes by the name of AirSculpt®. This revolutionary technological breakthrough is dropping jaws all over the industry. 

Imagine a spa-like, luxurious experience that removes fat, or even transfers fat — inserting it into the desired area — all while you're chatting your best friend or listening to your favorite music. 

AirSculpt® technology is an effective solution for busy people. A qualified and professional surgeon numbs the skin to create a tiny entryway that lessens and can even prevent scarring or bruising experienced during traditional liposuction. Next, a local anesthetic is applied, allowing for the fat to be easily removed while patients are awake. 

For patients looking to go the extra mile, if you have trouble eliminating fat from your abdomen but would also appreciate a larger cup size, you can remove fat from the belly and insert it into your breasts. This allows for the procedure to be as natural as it can get. Forget about implants and forget about belly fat too! 

This is an FDA-approved, safe, and effective procedure. It is a deluxe experience with spectacular results. AirSculpt® is the preferred choice for those with a busy lifestyle, combining convenience and comfort all in one procedure and only one session. 

Find out more about AirSculpt®  in our Elite Body Sculpture office in Nashville, Tennessee! We are eager to help you become the best version of yourself because we know you deserve better.


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