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What Are the Best Los Angeles Knee Liposuction Options in 2021?

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Why Get a Procedure Like Knee Liposuction in Los Angeles?

No matter how much you exercise, you will find that losing weight and toning your knees is almost impossible on your own. Your journey to the perfect body is more than just losing weight: it also includes achieving a uniform appearance. How can you appreciate toned legs if their knees are bulbous and uneven? Given the growing popularity of the ever-elusive “thigh gap,” how can you ever achieve this look with chubby knees? Even if you want to lose weight around your knees, many find this to be nearly impossible with just diet and exercise alone. Fortunately, there is a solution: knee fat removal procedures like liposuction

What Are the Different Techniques of this Procedure?

As with most cosmetic procedures, there are many options for knee liposuction. A popular technique involves inserting a cannula into the target area and vacuuming the stubborn fat. This invasive surgery often involves general anesthetics. Another popular aquatic-based process consists of injecting water around the knee region to remove stubborn fat. The one-to-two hour procedure is less abrasive than traditional methods and can be performed without general anesthesia.

What Are the Results?

You can expect smoother, more contoured knees after your procedure. For both the traditional technique and the aquatic-based technique (called AquaLipo), you can expect permanent results under the condition that your current weight, diet, and exercise routine all stay the same.

What Does Recovery Look Like?

For aquatic-based techniques, recovery is about three to four weeks long. Strenuous activity must be kept to a minimum during this time frame to avoid unwanted side effects. Further, during this time frame, you complete the following tasks to prevent complications: wear your compression garment as directed, continue your healthy diet, stay hydrated, and perform recovery exercises. Recovery exercises for this procedure may include massaging the target area to stimulate healing. 

For traditional techniques, although most doctors suggest taking three to four weeks to recover appropriately, most candidates cite an ability to return to their regular routines after two weeks. Due to the abrasive nature of the procedure, in addition to wearing a compression garment, doctors suggest elevating the knee to avoid swelling. Like the aquatic-based techniques, doctors recommend continuing a healthy diet, staying hydrated, and performing recovery exercises directed by your medical practitioner.

What are the Side Effects?

For traditional techniques, side effects include thermal burns, bruising, seromas, irregular pigmentation, loose skin, numbness, pain, infections, a worsened appearance of cellulite, excessive bleeding, nerve damage, blood vessel damage, and deep vein thrombosis. For aquatic-based techniques, side effects include swelling, bruising, temporary numbness, seroma, and hematoma. To avoid side effects, listen to your doctors’ suggestions, such as wearing your compression garment for six weeks.

Who Are the Ideal Candidates for This Procedure?

The ideal candidates for knee liposuction are those who have stubborn fat on their knees, good skin elasticity, a stable weight, and a healthy lifestyle. You should not pursue this procedure if you smoke, struggle with obesity, have arthritis in your knees, or have a severe chronic illness.

How Does AirSculpt Provide a Superior Alternative?

AirSculpt is the superior alternative to any knee sculpting procedure on the market. Its minimal invasiveness, acute precision, and patented design allow it to carefully and beautifully sculpt hard-to-reach areas without affecting any other tissue or muscle. AirSculpt boasts a dynamic procedure, as it can be used on the entire leg or just on the knee and inner thigh region (the knee is often combined with the calf or inner thigh to preserve the cosmetic unit's natural symmetry).

The procedure involves numbing the skin with a tool called an AirPen, which uses air pressure differentials to distribute topical numbing solutions. A surgeon then uses a biopsy punch tool to create perfectly symmetrical freckle-sized entry points in the crease toward the inside of each knee and on the inside of each inner thigh. Everything is performed through this minuscule entryway, which means that you will heal with a barely noticeable freckle-sized scar. We only use local anesthetic, so patients are always awake for the entire procedure. 

As fat is then softened and then extracted, our technology also helps stimulate collagen production, thereby tightening the skin. Individual fat cells are plucked from the body like apples off a tree, carefully and slowly, using the patented AirSculpt cannula. Other forms of liposuction fail to match this level of accuracy. Sculpting the knee area preserves balanced proportions and helps achieve a contoured appearance. Call us today to get the best knee fat removal treatment in Los Angeles.


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