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What is a Fat Transfer Revision and What Are the Best Dallas Options?

Fat Transfer Revision

Fat transfers are a cosmetic procedure that involves harvesting your body's fatty tissue and placing it somewhere else. Fat transfers are used in a wide array of different areas. The most common are the lips, buttocks, hips, and breasts.

The bonus of a fat transfer is that it's practically a two-for-one procedure. One part of the body is slimmed down while the other is plumped up. 

What Problems Can Be Solved With Fat Transfer Revisions?

Fat transfer revisions help address issues that have appeared following previous graft procedures such as unnatural-looking results, asymmetries, bumps, implant ruptures, etc.

Yet, revisions aren't perfect either. An unskilled application of the procedure can result in more asymmetry and other unwarranted medical complications.

The Artistry Behind Fat Transfers

Fat transfer revision procedures are artistic feats that few surgeons can do. These procedures can be performed on the face and other body parts with a more significant surface area that has to be treated with care and precision to create superior results.

All in all, a surgeon performing revision surgery is fixing the mistakes of another surgeon. It's much easier to work on a new canvas, but to revamp one that has already been painted is a whole different story. 

That being said, you must opt for a fat graft revision after the initial procedure has completely healed. Also, the average healing time for revision surgery is about three months. Therefore plan accordingly!

Better Than Traditional Fat Transfers

In the case that you want a more immediate outlook and do not want to wait to correct your botched results, alternatives on the market such as Elite Body Sculpture's Fat Transfer correction is an optimal solution.

Our fat transfer corrections don't use a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia, but still ensure precise results thanks to the enhanced finesse and accuracy our surgeons enjoy. The AirSculpt® Fat Transfer correction evens out lumps, bumps, or assymetries almost anywhere on your body stemming from a botched liposuction fat transfer. 

Why Pick Elite Body Sculpture?

Elite Body Sculpture focuses more than delivering optimal, perfect results. We as well focus on the confidence that you have with yourself.

Deciding to undergo a cosmetic procedure to change your body is a tough one, and it shouldn't be clouded by feelings of concern or regret afterward.

Our core aim is to ensure that you walk out looking your best; if you want to start your AirSculpt transformation, head to Elite Body Sculpture Dallas for your first consultation. 


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