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Breast Augmentations in Atlanta: Treat Asymmetries Without Implants

Breast Augmentations in Atlanta: Treat Asymmetries Without Implants

Breast augmentation surgery has the highly coveted objective that is improving the size and shape of the bustline. In addition to increasing the breasts' overall size, this procedure can also correct any asymmetrical issues such as unevenness or lopsidedness.

Asymmetrical Breasts: Not What You'd Want

It's common for women to have lopsided breasts. While asymmetry is natural, women feel self-conscious about their appearance.

Asymmetry may affect women due to troubling experiences with buying clothes. Uneven breasts cause shopping for bathing suits, bras, and other garments, a distressful experience.

Moreover, if self-consciousness is very prominent, it can cause quite a dent in a woman's self-esteem. 

Breast Augmentations: A Nice Solution

Breast augmentation surgery is ideal for women who have uneven breasts. The use of implants is usually regarded within the medical community.

Ideal candidates for these procedures are women that are in generally good health. These patients should not have any medical condition that would make the treatment a health risk. 

Habits such as smoking are to be put off six weeks before and after the procedure to ensure a speedy and smooth recovery. Patients must have realistic expectations towards the surgery and the healing process.

Atlanta Breast Implants: Are They The Way To Go?

Given the various advancements in the world of cosmetic augmentations, considering implants to be the optimal form of breast enhancement would be irresponsible.

For one, breast implants can rupture and leak, leading to medical complications. Even worse, the presence of a foreign object such as implants within the chest can develop an autoimmune disease. Autoimmune diseases are linked to severe health risks. Therefore, you should opt for natural fat transfers to obtain the breasts that you desire.

Quick And Effective Atlanta Breast Augmentation Procedure

The best breast augmentation procedure on the market is the AirSculpt® Up A Cup™ by Elite Body Sculpture. It's a natural fat transfer that doesn't use a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia. Also, AirSculpt® technology is more exact than comparable techniques, necessary for patients with a specific goal in mind.

The recovery time is a maximum of 48 hours, meaning that you don't have to plan months before to get the body of your dreams.

A typical procedure is done as follows:

  1. The surgeon prepares the fat extraction site with the AirPen, a device that air pressure, rather than needles, to numb the skin.
  2. A tool called a biopsy punch forms a symmetrical opening, a local anesthetic is applied, and our patented technology is used to soften the fat for removal.
  3. When the fat is ready, the AirSculpt® cannula removes the fat from the area with a delicate plucking motion.
  4. The fat is treated with our specialized canisters to ensure only viable fat cells are inserted into the breasts, reducing reabsorption.
  5. The cannula is then placed into reverse mode, while steps 1&2 are essentially used to place the fat evenly into the breasts. The fat is injected strategically to contour the breasts to their desired appearance.
  6. The apertures formed by the biopsy punch are naturally left to heal, leaving a freckle-sized mark on each area.

If you're in Atlanta looking for the optimal breast augmentation process, then head to our Elite offices to look your best by working with the best.


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