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Can I Get a BBL and Breast Enhancement at the Same Time?

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The ideal female figure is reminiscent of a curvy hourglass figure. Most women are not naturally born with the shape, so many turn to plastic surgery to obtain it.

When a woman undergoes a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), she can achieve a curvier shape. The breast augmentation, meanwhile, provides fuller, lifted breasts, while the BBL delivers a more projected buttock.

Some looking to have an elaborate makeover might consider undergoing these procedures simultaneously, but it is questionable whether it is safe to do so.

Can I Get A BBL and Breast Enhancement At Once?

Combining plastic surgery procedures isn't uncommon. The well-known mommy makeover combines treatments designed to provide mothers with a youthful-looking body after pregnancy. With gentler techniques like AirSculpt®, you can remove fat from several areas, tighten your skin, and even transfer fat all in one. 

Nonetheless, patients aren't able to combine any given procedures. Some combinations make more sense than others. Theoretically, you can combine a breast augmentation with a Brazilian butt lift, but most surgeons do not recommend it, given that there are more drawbacks than positives. 

What To Consider About Combining Two Fat Transfers

While the main benefit of undergoing both procedures is saving time by obtaining the changes for your body in one session, it may not be practical.

The recovery periods for these procedures require that you follow extensive guidelines. For these procedures, you're unable to add extra pressure to either the breasts or buttocks, meaning that you'll have to adjust your sleeping position for around two months.

If you undergo both procedures, finding a sleeping position that will help preserve your new results won't be easy, given that you cannot sleep on your stomach or your back. Sleeping on your side isn't suitable, given that it adds pressure to the side of the breast or buttock.

That's why most surgeons recommend that you wait six months between operations to allow your body to recover and heal properly. 

AirSculpt® Has A Solution

While we don't recommend that you undergo both procedures simultaneously, AirSculpt® offers a suitable approach so you can enjoy both treatments within a shorter period.

The recovery period for any AirSculpt® Fat Transfer procedure is much shorter than those used in traditional liposuction-based surgery, meaning the wait time between both treatments will be much faster. Patients can remove stubborn fat and enhance their buttocks to obtain an hourglass figure or their breasts to achieve a firm and lifted look. After enjoying a quick and seamless recovery, they can treat the other fat transfer area if desired. 

Give our Orlando office or any of our body contouring clinics nationwide a call to learn more or book your free consultation.


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