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3 Reasons Why Natural Boobs Trump Implants

breast augmentation natural

One of the primary focuses of breast augmentation patients is that their results look as natural as possible. Whether receiving implants or a fat transfer, women nowadays tend to prioritize that their breasts complement the rest of their body instead of aiming for as significant an increase as possible. 

This concern is why prospective breast enhancement patients commonly ask during their consultation what new breast size is best for their frame to not look out of proportion. Although fat transfers provide a more natural look and feel, smaller implants can similarly provide modest enhancements. 

This trend in favor of more natural-looking breasts wasn't always common practice. Most of the 90s revolved around a larger, evidently augmented look (think Pamela Anderson). 

Some demand for this larger breast size look still remains. Nevertheless, they have somewhat fallen out of favor, not only due to societal preferences but also because achieving them usually requires implants, which most cosmetic specialists have disregarded. Implants, in addition to appearing less natural, also pose much more risks than a fat transfer to the breasts. 

This article will review some of the risks of implants, explore how fat transfers to the breasts avoid such risks, and highlight three reasons why natural breasts are ultimately superior. 

The Risks of Breast Implants

Breast implants are considered a fully invasive procedure, as they require general anesthesia and relatively large incisions for the shell to be placed in the breasts. Thus, several risks exist that patients need to know about. Although skilled surgeons can reduce the chances of such risks occurring, others are inherent to breast implants and cannot be avoided. 

Possible risks of breast implants include:

  1. General anesthesia risks

  2. Bleeding or infection

  3. Pain and swelling

  4. Large scars

  5. The need for revision surgery

  6. Implant leakage or rupture

  7. Incorrect positioning of the implant

  8. Rejection or allergic reaction to the implant 

  9. Loss of breast or nipple sensation

Natural Breast Enhancement Avoids Many Such Risks 

The safer alternative is a fat transfer breast enhancement, in which fat is extracted from an area of your body, processed, and then placed within the breasts. Much less risk is involved, which is one more reason why natural-looking breasts have surged in popularity compared with the augmented implant era of the 90s. 

This form of plastic surgery is minimally invasive, as patients can remain fully awake and experience much smaller scars. Furthermore, many consider the results more aesthetically pleasing, and the outcome can be customized to each patient's body type or breast shape. 

As plastic surgeon Dr. Tabasum Mir details in the video above, some of the key benefits of a fat transfer over implants include a more natural aesthetic outcome, the lack of foreign material, and smaller scars. 

Below, we'll look into three core reasons why patients prefer natural breast enhancements over implants. 

1. Fat Transfers Pose Fewer Risks 

Because fat transfers to the breast use your own fat, fewer side effects are involved. For example, the body can reject an implant or have an allergic reaction. In this case, the patient will have to have the shells removed. Plus, even if there is no initial reaction, several years after treatment, most patients will need to have their implant removed anyway. 

With a fat transfer, patients enjoy a long-lasting augmentation without risk of allergic reaction. Some fat will always be reabsorbed after any fat graft. Still, surgeons can easily account for this by overfilling the breasts, knowing that roughly 30 percent of the volume will not remain after the fat transfer

The outcome is considered permanent once the final result develops after a few months. Fat can always be lost from the breasts if you lose weight, but this occurs throughout the whole body, not just the breasts.

Fat transfers are a less invasive surgical technique than implants, meaning patients can remain fully awake and experience more minor scars. Unlike implants, which need a large cut in the breasts, fat can be injected through minuscule entry points that heal to resemble tiny freckles at worst. 

Not only does a natural breast enhancement pose fewer risks during treatment, but it also allows patients to recover more quickly. Implants can also sometimes result in a loss of nipple sensation, but this hazard is not present with fat transfers to the breasts. 

Finally, besides rejection or an adverse reaction to the implant, some patients experience difficulties like implant rupturecapsular contracture, and implant extrusion. The type of implant comes into play when it comes to implant ruptures. When saline implants rupture, less risk is involved as the body can seamlessly reabsorb the salt water. Silicone implants, meanwhile, can feel more natural (more on this below) but are more dangerous when they rupture.  

With fat transfers, there is no need to decide between an implant that is less risky during rupture but more natural-feeling; both benefits are inherent to the procedure. 

To summarize, here are the ways using natural fat over a synthetic implant reduces patient risks:

  • No risk of an allergic reaction, rejection, or autoimmune disease 

  • Long-lasting once final results form 

  • Less invasive and no general anesthesia 

  • Shorter recovery time

  • Smaller scars and no nipple sensation loss 

  • No risk of rupture, capsular contracture, or extrusion 

2. More Realistic Look and Feel 

Not only is a fat transfer more safe than implants, but the end result is better. Of course, beauty is subjective, and some patients may desire a much larger augmentation only achievable with implants. That said, most patients prefer the softer look and feel provided by fat transfers. 

As renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Aaron Rollins describes, fat-enhanced breasts appear and move more naturally. Breasts are made up of fat, so adding more fat will maintain a fluid-like feel. Some surgeons will try to sell patients on silicone implants, as they feel less rigid than saline, even in the rare case of rippling. Nonetheless, silicone implants are much more dangerous in the rare yet real possibility of a rupture. 

Whereas implants will result in a rounded and lifted look with volume in the upper breast, fat transfers provide a more sloped shape with volume toward the bottom of the breast. Some surgeons account for this by using teardrop implants, which are thinner at the top and expand farther down. Still, these require a more invasive surgery with less personalization possible. 

3. Fat Transfers Are More Versatile  

Breast implants come in set shapes and sizes. With a fat transfer, however, skilled cosmetic surgeons can inject precise amounts of volume to sculpt the exact results desired. 

For example, patients with naturally uneven breasts can restore a symmetric look by transferring uneven amounts of fat to each boob. Others may want to make the breasts more proportionate to the rest of their body by increasing both breasts substantially and simultaneously narrowing their waist. Most patients take advantage of this step by targeting stubborn areas with diet-resistant fat pockets, enjoying the dual benefits of larger, natural breasts and a thinner waist or slimmer arms. 

Those with a more athletic frame may be better suited for a modest enhancement. Meanwhile, curvier patients may want a more significant result highlighting their curvy look. The only cases where implants may be better than fat transfers are when patients desire an increase of several cup sizes or if they are very thin and do not have enough fat. 

Fat transfers are so customizable that thin patients can target several areas to collect enough volume; meanwhile, those who want dramatic results can often still achieve their desired look by slimming several other regions, making their breasts appear proportionately much more prominent. 

AirSculpt® Up A Cup™: The Best Natural Breast Enhancement

Regarding fat transfers to the breasts, the minimally invasive AirSculpt® Up A Cup™ is your best bet. This natural breast enhancement procedure doesn't use a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia to deliver dramatic results in a single sitting. 

The procedure follows these simple steps:

  1. The AirSculpt surgeon uses the AirPen, a device that uses air pressure to push numbing medication into the skin without a needle. 

  2. Then, a symmetrical two-millimeter hole is made using a biopsy punch to form an entryway. A local anesthetic is applied to prepare the fat for extraction and numb the area. 

  3. The AirSculpt® cannula is inserted to extract the fat.

  4. Steps 1 and 2 are repeated on the breasts.

  5. The surgeon injects the fat with the AirSculpt® cannula to contour the breasts into their desired shape.

  6. For both instances where the cannula is used, the opening is left to heal naturally, leaving only a freckle-sized mark at the end. 

  7. Downtime of just 48 hours is needed after the treatment, allowing patients to return to their normal routines almost right away.

As you can hear our featured patient Katherine detail in her breast augmentation testimonial, regaining natural volume helped her regain lost confidence after pregnancy. The procedure was as realistic as possible and provided the dual benefits of permanent fat loss in addition to enhanced breasts. 

Fat Transfers Enable An Optimal Breast Augmentation

To sum up, using your own fat for breast enhancement offers essential benefits:

  1. Fewer Risks or Side Effects 

  2. More Natural Look and Feel 

  3. Customizable Results Not Beholden to an Implant's Set Shape or Size 

natural breasts

natural breasts

natural breasts

At AirSculpt, we are proud to offer a natural breast enhancement without the painful and uncomfortable experience of implants. As you can see in the before and after photos above, our surgeons were able to use their artistic eye and surgical skills to both augment and subtly lift the breasts. 

To naturally shape your breasts and boost confidence, visit the nearest body sculpting office for more information. 


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