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Can a Fat Transfer be Reversed? Examining What to Do About a Bad Procedure

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A fat transfer, also known as gat grafting or fat injection, is a cosmetic procedure that involves harvesting the body's fat tissue and restoring volume in other areas of the body.

Typical areas of treatment are the breasts, face, hips, and buttocks. Areas of the body where fat is harvested can commonly include the stomach, thighs, back, and arms.

As fat grafting uses your fat, it's safer and longer-lasting than other filler or implant alternatives. It also has the benefit of producing results that look and feel more natural than other procedures.

It's essential that you undergo a fat transfer with the experience of a board-certified plastic surgeon. Patients who opt for less experienced surgeons can suffer unwanted consequences such as uneven and asymmetrical results. 

Why Would I Need A Fat Transfer Reversal?

There can be several reasons for needing a revision surgery, such as unsatisfactory results due to a mistake in the procedure by the surgeon. 

Patients that opt for synthetic, non-organic augmentations with implants could also likely need to undergo revision surgery if the body rejects the implant. If not inserted into the treatment site correctly, they can be visible through the skin, which is undesirable to most patients. 

Furthermore, patients who get a natural fat transfer may still end up with too little or too much fat grafted into the new area. Because the body naturally reabsorbs fat after the transfer, experienced surgeons know to add a bit more material than is needed to provide desired results.

Generally speaking, if you're a victim of a poorly-applied fat transfer, implant, or synthetic filler, you may need to undergo revision surgery to obtain a more natural, favorable result.

What Can These Procedures Specifically Resolve?

A fat transfer revision addresses uneven or unnatural results, bumps, lumps, implant dissolution, and asymmetry.

The optimal choice to revise a botched fat transfer can be obtained through Elite Body Sculpture in D.C. Although we don't remove implants for patients, those who seek an implant revision can come in to get their preferred look after having them excised.

Their minimally invasive fat transfer reversal allows patients to get the results they've always deserved without using a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia, making it the safest and most comfortable method in the city.

Why Choose Elite Body Sculpture?

Can a fat transfer be reversed in a better way? With Elite, we're your best choice. 

We work with the philosophy that all procedures are to be accurate and comfortable for all patients. That's why we allow you to get the body you've always deserved while awake, without worrying about long recovery times, general anesthesia, or noticeable scarring.

The AirSculpt® Fat Transfer Correction uses a patented cannula to remove and transfer fat around your body, restoring your curves and contours to their optimal state, as they should have been after your first surgery. 

For more information on how we can help you, come to our Washington, D.C. office to conduct your free consultation. 


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