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What is a Knee Lift Surgery and What Does it Do?

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Aging is an issue that can take a toll on any part of the human body. While many procedures exist to reverse the signs of aging on the head and neck, there are limited options for areas like the knees.

For some women, excessive knee wrinkles and skin sagging can be aesthetic issues. Improving this noticeable area's skin texture by removing the wrinkles isn't a standard procedure in most cosmetic marketplaces.

Therefore, the lack of expertise in this area and the limited amount of options has made it quite difficult for patients to improve the look of their sagging knees.

One of the procedures that can help patients achieve more aesthetic knees is the knee lift. The procedure's objective is to contour and texture the skin while also removing any excess fat from the knee if necessary.

Patient Selection For Knee Lifts

The best patients for this procedure are adult healthy males or females with excess wrinkled and sagging skin around the knee.

Patients cannot have a history of arthritis or previous knee-related surgery for a knee lift. It's also essential that they be within their healthy weight and non-smoker to ensure that the healing process is as efficient as possible.

Patients allergic to numbing medications such as Lidocaine also prevent candidacy for the procedure.

How The Procedure Works

What is knee lift surgery? The procedure consists of making 2 or 3 incisions about two millimeters in length, placed around the creases around the knee joint.

The procedure is generally performed with general anesthesia. Areas with excess fat can be contoured via liposuction, and regions of the knee with excess skin are treated with a lift.

A knee lift is started by making the necessary markings to indicate the upper boundaries and a curved line accentuating the knee.

The skin and subcutaneous tissue are surgically excised between the marks but not down to the fascia to prevent noticeable scarring.

The knee incisions are then sutured, taped, and wrapped afterward. Patients have to avoid bending their knees over 90 degrees as much as one-month post-procedure.

Elite Body Sculpture's Knee Contouring Process

Patients that don't want to depend on knee tightening surgery and its invasive properties can often achieve their ideal figure with the minimally invasive process provided by Elite Body Sculpture.

Knee AirSculpt® can simultaneously remove fat and help tighten skin without using scalpels, stitches, needles, or general anesthesia. Our patented technology is so delicate that only two-millimeter wide entry points are needed, meaning scars look like tiny freckles if they form. Plus, because AirSculpt always leaves the area's skin tighter to its new shape, patients who don't need significant skin removal can get ideal results with this less invasive technique.

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