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What You Should Know About Lower Back Liposuction in Atlanta

What You Should Know About Lower Back Liposuction in Atlanta

What Causes Lower Back Fat To Develop?

Lower back fat develops for a myriad of reasons. For some, they can attribute lower back fat to a sedentary lifestyle. Most people spend eight-to-nine hours sitting down in an office, only to come home and spend three-to-four hours in front of the television. If the average person does find time to exercise, they tend to stray away from routines that will burn fat and cause long-term muscle growth. Casual walks around the block every week will not cause much of a change.

Some can attribute their lower back fat to their diet. A diet rich in sodium, sugar, and fats can all cause one to gain weight. Most consume a diet rich in processed foods that serve only to lead to weight gain. Even if one's diet is healthy, a person will gain weight if they do not burn more calories than they consume.

Other common factors that lead to lower back fat are genetic predisposition to weight gain, which includes hormonal factors; age; sleep deprivation; and metabolic conditions, such as a thyroid problem. Some struggle with one or more of these factors. Many do not know where to start in their weight loss journey.

How Does Traditional Liposuction Treat Back Fat?

Traditional lower back liposuction uses aggressive tools to break up and remove back fat. The technique involves invasively inserting a cannula into the body to break up fat cells and remove them using fluids. Imagine jamming a cheese grater into your body to cut up the fat and then using a hose to wash away all the excess. Even with anesthetics, this procedure is as painful as it sounds. Traditional methods not only lack precision but give unbalanced results. Fortunately, there are many solutions to back fat.

How Is Lower Back AirSculpt™ A Superior Solution?

AirSculpt is Atlanta's optimal solution to lower back fat and rolls around the tailbone region. A non-invasive procedure with minimal risks, balanced results, and increased precisions, AirSculpt, is the cosmetic procedure you deserve. To truly understand the superiority of AirSculpt, you must learn the steps of this proprietary process.

First, using an AirPen, the surgeon numbs the skin around the targeted area. An AirPen is our patented tool that prioritizes precision and safety. Using air pressure differential, the AirPen distributes topical numbing solutions to the targeted area, avoiding the use of needles.

Second, the surgeon creates an entry point using a biopsy punch tool. The entry point is perfectly symmetrical and incredibly minuscule. Because the entire fat removal procedure is performed through this small entryway, you will heal with only a barely noticeable, freckle-sized scar. Compare this to other methods that leave with you large, noticeable scars.

Next, the surgeon applies a local anesthetic to the target area. Something risky, like general anesthesia, is never used. Afterward, the surgeon simultaneously softens the lower back fat for extraction and tightens the skin.

Finally, the surgeon individually plucks fat cells through the entryway, using the patented AirSculpt cannula. Like berries off a bush, the surgeon selectively targets and removes pockets of stubborn fat. No other form of liposuction can match this level of precision!


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