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Will Fat Come Back After My San Diego Liposuction?

Will Fat Come Back After My San Diego Liposuction?

Planning a liposuction surgery can be quite a thrilling time for any patient. They might be nervous, but the thought of having the body of their dreams gives them all the motivation.

The chance to sculpt your body enables a wide range of possibilities, giving you the confidence you need to feel happy with your new body.

Therefore, put in the time, effort, and money to get the results you want by removing fatty tissue in those troubling spots. 

Yet, a question that comes up in most patients' minds is whether the fat is permanently removed.

San Diego Lipo

A typical liposuction procedure is performed in general anesthesia and sedation to provide the patients with proper sedation and comfort during the surgery.

The procedure consists of placing tiny incisions along the treatment area and a small tube to break up the fatty cells and suction them out from the body.

A wide array of liposuction techniques exist, yet they all practically perform the same way. Procedures such as ultrasound-assisted liposuction and laser-assisted liposuction are considered less invasive procedures, yet they all include the same risks and potential medical complications.

Many patients believe that the fat removed from their bodies will be gone forever. That isn{t the case, always.

The Fat Can Return After Liposuction

It's first essential to understand that liposuction will not affect your body's ability to lose, gain, or maintain weight.

Patients post-procedure may gain weight after the surgery if they do not live a healthy lifestyle. This doesn't mean that new cells will replace the vacant areas where fat was removed.

That's because when you gain or lose weight, the fat cells either expand or shrink, not the formation of new ones.

Certain people mention that fat cells form after they've been removed around the abdomen's internal organs as visceral fat. Yet, due to several studies conducted by research facilities, there has been no conclusion that the latter is true.

Which Procedure Has The Most Precise Fat Removal?

If you're looking for the most optimal procedure to guarantee the most precise result, opt for the AirSculpt® Patented Process by Elite Body Sculpture.

It's a minimally invasive process that doesn't use a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia. The patented AirSculpt® cannula is also designed to extract fat cells from plucking grapes off a vine. 

It as well preserves the surrounding areas that are being used to extract fat from getting damaged. That being said, it's the most precise and safest fat removal procedure on the market. 

For more information and to be overjoyed with your new image, head to Elite Body Sculpture San Diego.


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