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We provide custom body contouring impeccably tailored to your body type and desired outcome using AirSculpt® technology. Our patented procedure sets the industry standard — no body contouring results come close. Awake during the procedure, you’ll listen to music or chat with a friend while AirSculpting your dream body.
Collage of procedure recipients
Collage of procedure recipients

Our Procedure Process

  • Numbing the Skin

  • Creating an Entry

  • Numbing the Fat

  • AirSculpting Fat

Minimally Invasive and No Stitches

AirSculpt® uses no needles and requires no stitches. Fat is removed through an opening smaller than a pencil eraser. As the site heals, it leaves a mark similar to a freckle or natural skin blemish instead of a noticeable surgical scar with tell-tale suture marks. Avoiding stitches means patients don't need to return to have them removed. Instead, the entry site is left open to heal naturally, and swelling can quickly subside for faster healing. Thousands of people have experienced the benefits of this patented, minimally invasive procedure.

No General Anesthesia

Because we never use general anesthesia, you’ll be completely awake while AirSculpting any area of your body. Patients can take oral medication to help them relax but remain fully awake and alert the entire time. General anesthesia comes with significant risks and takes days to leave your system. Our patients take the fewest possible risks and get back to their regular routine as soon as 24-48 hours post-operation.

Fat Transfer Options

Thanks to the delicate design of the AirSculpt® mechanism, we can seamlessly collect and transfer high-quality fat to enhance target areas naturally. We offer the AirSculpt® Power Brazilian Butt Lift™, Up a Cup™ Breast Enhancement, HipFlip™ hip augmentation, and a hand rejuvenation fat transfer. Compared with artificial fillers or implants, the look is 100% natural, with no foreign material like silicone or gel injections required. From those looking to achieve a dramatic new hourglass look to patients seeking a subtle lift, our customizable fat transfers can help a wide array of patients.

Less Downtime, Faster Healing

AirSculpt® is much less invasive than traditional liposuction, as it requires less downtime and produces faster healing with superior results. While liposuction takes about six months to heal, AirSculpt® provides meaningful results in two days and dramatic ones within a month. With the gentler and far less invasive AirSculpt®, patients experience minimal pain throughout and in recovery—most get back to work after just 24-48 hours.

Your Body Sculpted Just For You

AirSculpt® delivers personalized results of the highest caliber. The mechanical motion of AirSculpt® combined with its delicate design provides you with a smoother, more natural appearance. Patients also enjoy the benefit of tighter skin on treated areas. Most importantly, AirSculpt® is only performed by skilled surgeons expertly trained to make you look your personal best. AirSculpt® allows us to contour your body for a naturally flattering look, etching a faint line of muscular definition down the center of your abs, and even emphasizing hip bones or obliques for the optimal bikini look.


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Timeline of Locations


Timeline of Locations



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The AirSculpt® Difference


Traditional Lipo

Traditional lipo is invasive and typically performed under general anesthesia. Recovery tends to last several weeks, and stitches are needed for the incision to heal fully.




This treatment uses a series of deoxycholic acid injections to dissolve submental fat cells over time. Patients often needed several sessions, each composed of a handful of injections.


Understanding the Language of Fat Removal

As you consider fat removal procedures, you’ll come across various terms that may be new to you. Here are some quick explanations to help you understand what you’re reading and hearing.

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AirSculpt Technologies is an experienced, fast-growing national provider of body contouring procedures delivering a premium consumer experience under its brand, Elite Body Sculpture. We provide custom body contouring using our proprietary AirSculpt® method that removes unwanted fat in a minimally invasive procedure, producing dramatic results. It is our mission to generate the best results for our patients. 

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