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4 Popular AirSculpt® Options For Men in 2023

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AirSculpt® procedures are an excellent solution for men who want to improve their appearance, sculpt their bodies, and boost their confidence to never before seen heights.

While the thought of cosmetic procedures for men is not as common or heavily marketed, AirSculpt® does offer a wide array of options to help men appear at their peak physique in time for summer.

Do note that AirSculpt® procedures are vastly different from conventional approaches. Traditional liposuction, for example, utilizes invasive surgical elements, which result in an extensive and challenging recovery process, excessive bruising and swelling, and potentially imprecise results.

By contrast, AirSculpt® provides a next-generation body contouring experience characterized by precise, dramatic results delivered with a gentle procedure. Invasive tools, such as scalpels, stitches, and needles, are all avoided, and patients always stay awake, avoiding the risks of general anesthesia.

Keep reading to discover some of the more popular AirSculpt® treatment options for men.

The 48-Hour Six Pack™: Sculpt Your Abs With Ease

The AirSculpt® 48-Hour Six Pack™ is an innovative abdominal etching process designed to improve the definition of your stomach muscles. We can create the six-pack look you've always wanted by removing the fat that covers your abs, waist, and obliques with minimally invasive AirSculpt® technology. Just 48 hours following the operation, many patients notice their abdominals are more defined. No needle, significant scarring, or general anesthesia is needed. 

Chin AirSculpt®: Enhance Your Jawline 

Sharpening the jawline and restoring natural proportions via targeted submental fat reduction are two benefits of the minimally invasive Chin AirSculpt® technique highlighting the most crucial facial features. With little downtime, AirSculpt® can help decrease jowls and leave the skin tighter. Many patients notice an improvement in 48 hours since the chin heals quickly.

The entire process only takes 20 minutes! Since AirSculpt® does not require general anesthesia, you will be awake to see the removal of your fat through a hole the size of a freckle. Unlike traditional, invasive procedures like chin liposuction, we don't use any stitches or leave behind visible scars. The patented AirSculpt® method permanently eliminates excess neck and submental fat, producing outcomes unmatched on the market at this time.

Gynecomastia AirSculpt®: Premium Male Chest Reduction

Gynecomastia fat treated with traditional cosmetic surgery involves general anesthesia, a nipple incision that needs to be stitched up, and a noticeable scar. Downtime for patients varies but often lasts multiple weeks. 

With an AirSculpt® Male Chest Reduction, undesirable fat tissue is delicately and precisely removed to provide a smoother, chiseled outcome.

Patients often notice a difference immediately and can return to work in 24 to 48 hours. Our surgeons can not only get rid of obstinate fat but also leave the skin on the chest tighter than before, an added benefit that helps enhance pectoral muscle definition.

AirSculpt® +: The Best Skin Tightening Solution

The ground-breaking AirSculpt® + skin tightening procedure dramatically tightens treated areas' skin with unrivaled accuracy and dexterity. After AirSculpt® fat removal, any region with remaining loose skin fat is contoured with innovative technology from Renuvion, which instantly tightens skin and minimizes laxity. 

In this state-of-the-art, minimally invasive process, helium gas and radiofrequency energy are combined to generate a plasma specifically equipped to mend drooping skin and restore a youthful, natural appearance. Every area of the body that can be treated with AirSculpt® fat removal can have its skin tightened by Renuvion! No new entry points are needed, as everything can be done through the same two-millimeter-wide entry points.

Schedule Your Consultation and Experience Our Unique Solutions

AirSculpt® procedures represent the next generation of body sculpting, delivering outstanding results for all patients who want to obtain their ideal aesthetic without the risks associated with traditional surgery.

To start your journey to a fresh, more confident you, call the AirSculpt® office nearest you to schedule your complimentary consultation. 


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