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AirSculpt® Vs. Liposuction For Male Chest Reduction in Austin

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Gynecomastia, the formation of enlarged male breast tissue, is an issue that affects 40-50 percent of the male population. The condition is generally a result of excess fat associated with weight, known as pseudo-gynecomastia.

True gynecomastia is associated with the formation of breast gland tissue due to hormonal imbalances.

Regardless of its origin, those affected by stubborn chest fat may deal with embarrassment, emotional distress, and low-self esteem. Men avoid removing their shirts at the pool or in intimate situations and opt for looser-fit clothing to mask their gynecomastia. 

The only manner in which gynecomastia can be reduced is via surgery. If you have pseudo-gynecomastia, you can opt for a natural route by losing weight and reducing the amount of fat in your body via healthy dieting and exercise. You can also undergo chest liposuction to contour a chiseled chest.

In this article, we're going to compare two different male chest reduction procedures, traditional liposuction and AirSculpt®, to give you an idea of what each entails and which is best for you. Note that these procedures are ideal for removing excess subcutaneous fat. Enlarged glands due to hormonal imbalances usually require surgical excision, which can be combined with fat removal but is typically a different procedure entirely. 

Traditional Male Chest Liposuction

Chest liposuction procedures are generally straightforward. The surgeon begins by sedating you under general anesthesia. Given that the chest is a larger surface area, gynecomastia will rarely be removed under local anesthesia with conventional approaches.

An incision is made with a scalpel around the areola, creating an opening through which fat can be removed. Surgeons and their practice can use different technology and techniques to prepare the fat for extraction. The most common forms of liposuction are tumescent and laser liposuction. The first involves pumping a saline solution into the fat that surrounds the breast fat, causing it to swell and making it easier to remove. The latter uses laser technology to progressively melt the fat for easier extraction.

As with all liposuction treatments, swelling and bruising will be an issue for about four weeks, and the results will not be immediate. For traditional liposuction, recovery is extensive, and it requires that you follow the guidelines provided by your surgeon to guarantee optimal results.

Failure to do so will result in unwanted results and potentially harmful consequences.

AirSculpt® Male Chest Reduction by Elite Body Sculpture

AirSculpt® technology has reimagined the way liposuction is performed by transforming what used to be a risky endeavor into a safer and much more precise alternative. Gynecomastia AirSculpt® can easily remove subcutaneous fat from the chest without the invasive surgical techniques used in traditional chest liposuction. 

We're the optimal male chest reduction because we don't use scalpels, stitches, or needles, ensuring a comfortable experience for our patients that also delivers results as significant as those found in traditional surgery. 

Rather than injecting patients with needles and cutting a large incision with a scalpel, our jet injector and biopsy punch tools numb the skin and create tiny freckle-sized entry points seamlessly. 

Next, automated AirSculpt® technology is used by our expert surgeon-artists to pluck chest fat cell by cell with unparalleled precision. If one chest is more prominent, our technique can restore cosmetic symmetry to the torso with mechanical accuracy. Traditional liposuction, by contrast, requires a considerable amount of guessing due to its manual approach to fat removal.

Finally, because the entry point is so small and made in the breast crease, the freckle-sized blemish heals without stitches and is easily concealed. 

Downtime lasts just 24 to 48 hours, after which you're free to return to your daily schedule. Complete recovery may take a few weeks, as patients typically see their swelling subside significantly between weeks two and three. Final results will be apparent after three to six months, but dramatic changes will have appeared much earlier. 

To start working with AirSculpt®'s next-generation chest sculpting treatment, call our Austin office, opening within the month, or any of our locations worldwide to schedule your in-person or complimentary consultation. 


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