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Botox For the Lower Neck and Face – Everything You Need to Know

Botox For the Lower Neck and Face – Everything You Need to Know

At Elite Body Sculpture, we profess that loving the skin that you're in and wanting to make changes to it are not mutually exclusive ideas. The more power you want to restore your facial contours with the many procedures available in today's market. 

When you hear the word Botox, what first comes to your mind? For most people, botox represents an upper-face procedure designed to prevent expression lines from becoming apparent by sedating the muscles that move when you show certain emotions.

These botulinum toxins can be used in the lower portion of the face to ease age or stress-related changes. All in all, the use of botox is finding several ways to become beneficial for patients of several needs, such as injections of the toxin into the chin and chewing muscles and across the neck.

We understand that techniques evolve and change over time, but their basic principles are always the same. For example, there's been an increase in the popularity of using smaller doses to provide more subtle changes to a patient's appearance. 

Changes To The Lower Face

Smile lines, a downturned mouth, a dimply chin, or a blunted jawline can be principally blamed on your facial muscles.

These facial muscles we use frequently contract, contributing to wrinkle formation. Additionally, people store tension in the lower face, actively holding their muscles in awkward positions, such as clenched jaws, pursed lips, the appearance of double chins.

That's because the muscles that we're unconsciously activating are known as depressors, those that exert a downward pull, giving you a grumpy appearance.

Botox For The Neck And Lower Chin

The extended activation of these muscles can form effects that most people won't be pleased with. Botox can assist with volume and reduce excess muscle movement in the area for those who have 'golf-ball chins. 

Additionally, patients that want to treat neck bands can find a solution within Botox. Neckbands are formed because these two broad sheets of muscle spanning the neck weaken and separate, causing the bands to protrude.

Botox Related Risks

Botox to treat the face undoubtedly has its appealing factors. Yet, it's essential to understand that an imprecise needle, overdosage, or the uncontrollable spread of the neurotoxin can result in an irregular smile or minimal motion.

Elite Body Sculpture's Solution For The Lower Neck And Face

Patients looking for a risk-free fat removal complement to Botox that's just minimally invasive can find their solution at Elite Body Sculpture. 

Chin AirSculpt® is a precision-engineered liposuction technique that doesn't use a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia, allowing for the most comfortable and accurate results on the market. 

There's little to no downtime and no noticeable scarring, giving patients the opportunity to change their appearance with ease.

Come to our Orlando office to get started with your first consultation. 


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