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Everything You Should Know About Upper Pelvic Liposuction

Pelvic Liposuction

It's practically impossible to get rid of the fat that accumulates above your pubic bone. It's a hassle for most women because it makes your clothes tighter than they should be and discomforting.

Whether the fat is genetic, derives from weight-gain, weight-loss, or pregnancy, it seems that exercise and a proper diet don't garner much of an effect. While your whole body begins to slim, the layer of pubic fat is still present.

Yet, there's no need to worry.

While lifestyle changes haven't gotten rid of the stubborn fat deposits built up in the upper pelvic area, liposuction is a useful procedure to give you a slimmer look your desire and deserve. If you're wondering if FUPA liposuction in Dallas is the procedure for you, keep on reading. 

Information On Upper Pelvic Liposuction

Liposuction for the upper pelvic area is a cosmetic procedure that involves placing small incisions and then inserting a cannula to suction out fat cells.

Candidates For FUPA Liposuction In Dallas

Ideal candidates for upper pelvic liposuction have fat deposits in the pubic bone area that haven't slimmed down from exercise and diet.

Patients must refrain from smoking for six weeks before and after the procedure, given that the habit drastically slows down the recovery speed.

You must be in your healthy weight range before undergoing any form of fat removal surgery. Liposuction isn't a weight-loss method and should not be treated as such.

The surgeon will also measure your skin laxity to see if it will retract once the excess fat is removed. In the case that you have low skin elasticity, you may want to consider a lift in the area to not end up with drooping, loose skin.

Also, have realistic expectations for pubic liposuction. After all, it is a surgical procedure, and the possibility of undergoing risks or medical complications is still present.

Therefore, make sure to inform yourself by asking your surgeon all of the critical questions and being willing to commit to an extensive recovery regime.

Is There An Easier Option Than Liposuction?

In the case that you don't want to worry about the following:

  1. Long recovery times
  2. Potential risks and medical complications

It's recommended that you opt for the minimally invasive pubic fat removal line of procedures by Elite Body Sculpture. Pubic Area AirSculpt® delivers results better than liposuction but without the risks of potential harm due to its minimally invasive process.

The AirSculpt® process doesn't use a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia, and the downtime is just 48 hours. Traditional FUPA liposuction will have you resting for months to enjoy your results, but with AirSculpt®, after two weeks, you'll be good as new.

For more information on our processes and what we can do for you, head to Elite Body Sculpture Houston to set up your first consultation. 


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